‘Minority Report’ Featurette Reveals Differences from Steven Spielberg’s Original

     August 17, 2015


Fox has released a first look feature for their upcoming Minority Report series, based off of Steven Spielberg‘s still-pretty-great original film. As you no doubt remember, Spielberg’s film followed Tom Cruise‘s Pre-Crime officer trying to solve a murder he’s been framed for, which is projected by the future-seeing Pre-Cogs, the most prominent of which was played by Samantha Morton. The main focus of this feature seems to be outlining how the television series will differ from Spielberg’s film, and it gives several reasons, beginning with the fact that the world of the series, as writer-producer Max Borenstein explains, takes place 10 years after the original. On top of this, the main character of the new series will actually be a Pre-Cog named Dash, played by Stark Sands, who is trying to use his powers years after Pre-Crime has been abolished.


Image via Fox

This isn’t to say, however, that there are no detectives or officers involved in the series. As the feature goes into, there are two main cops who come to help Dash, beginning with Meagan Good‘s Lara Vega, a tough-as-nails detective, and also including Detective Will Blake, a “by-the-books” and “ambitious” officer played by That 70s Show mainstay Wilmer Valderrama. Beyond this, executive producer Kevin Falls impresses the idea that the series will have its own original science fiction template apart from its source material, and director Mark Mylod says that the imagery will be far more colorful and optimistic than the more stylistically monochromatic look of the original. The imagery seen in the feature certainly looks very imaginative, and the involvement of Borenstein, the man who wrote Gareth Edwards‘ extraordinary Godzilla, certainly fares well for this latest film-to-televison adaptation.

Check out the first look feature below:

Minority Report is set to premiere on Fox on September 21st.


Image via Fox