Fox Lands MINORITY REPORT TV Show Featuring Female Lead

     September 8, 2014


We first reported that Steven Spielberg was busy developing a Minority Report TV show just a couple of weeks ago, but now a network has already picked it up.  Fox apparently scored the drama via a big put-pilot commitment.

The 2002 film is loosely based on Philip K. Dick’s short story and stars Tom Cruise as Captain John Anderton, the chief of the Precrime police force, a unit that uses mutated humans called “precogs” to see into the future and stop crimes before they even happen.  This Minority Report TV show will take place 10 years after the end of Precrime and will feature a female lead.  Hit the jump for more.

minority-report-tv-showAccording to THR, Godzilla and Seventh Son scribe Max Borenstein is on board to pen the script about one of the three precogs who’s trying to adjust to life as a normal human after the Precrime initiative is dismantled.  The trouble is, he’s still plagued by visions of the future.  That’s where our heroine comes in.  She’s a detective who’s haunted by her past and now just wants to help him make good use of his gift.

Amblin Television, Paramount Television and 20th Century Fox are all teaming up for this one with Amblin’s Justin Flavey and Darry Frank serving as executive producers.  Other than Amblin’s involvement, there’s no mention of what kind of role Spielberg will assume.  The THR report also makes no mention of the fact that Spielberg is specifically after a “name actor” for the lead role.

No matter who they cast, this sounds like an interesting idea for the show, one that could add a lot of new layers to the scenario by perhaps encouraging Precrime-style crime fighting or just taking some sort of unique approach to what one might consider the best use for the technology/ability.  Hopefully additional details will surface soon, but, in the meantime, check out the Minority Report trailer below.

Minority Report TV Show Plot