New Trailer for Mamoru Hosoda’s ‘Mirai’ Reveals the English-Language Cast

     November 9, 2018

mirai-trailer-english-castMirai, a family friendly feature arriving in theaters later this month, is the latest film from acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Mamoru Hosoda (Wolf Children). The story of Mirai is one that benefits from the flexibility and imagination that only the medium of animation can provide. It follows four-year-old Kun as he attempts to deal with the arrival of a new member of the family, his baby sister Mirai. When Kun finds himself unable to cope with the loss of his parents’ attention and the changing dynamics within the household, he seeks solace in a magical, indoor garden that allows him to travel through time and interact with some surprising characters.

Mirai is an expertly focused tale that centers on Kun and his family members but has the freedom to move through time and space thanks to the magical garden. The various settings Kun travels to are explored through beautiful animation and unique sequences that set each era apart. And while it’s a lovely enough tale of one child’s imagination on the surface, it’s an even better examination of the complicated relationships that make up a family, even across multiple generations.

Starring John Cho, Rebecca Hall and Daniel Dae Kim in the English-language cast, for which the first trailer was just released today, Mirai arrives in theaters on November 30th, courtesy of GKIDS.

Take a look at and a listen to the new English-language trailer for Mirai below:

From acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, Wolf Children) and Japan’s Studio Chizu comes MIRAI, a daringly original story of love passed down through generations. When four-year-old Kun meets his new baby sister, his world is turned upside down. Named Mirai (meaning “future”), the baby quickly wins the hearts of Kun’s entire family. As his mother returns to work, and his father struggles to run the household, Kun becomes increasingly jealous of baby Mirai… until one day he storms off into the garden, where he encounters strange guests from the past and future – including his sister Mirai, as a teenager. Together, Kun and teenage Mirai go on a journey through time and space, uncovering their family’s incredible story. But why did Mirai come from the future?


An official selection at Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, and the epic capstone of director Mamoru Hosoda’s career, Mirai is a sumptuous, magical, and emotionally soaring adventure about the ties that bring families together and make us who we are.


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