Miss Piggy Talks Romance, Working with “Extras” Like Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais, Her Solo, and More on the Set of MUPPETS MOST WANTED

     January 8, 2014


We’ve all heard the stories about Miss Piggy.  How she’s thrown people out of press conferences for looking at her the wrong way, the way she fires hair dressers almost every week if even one hair is out of place, and her twenty person entourage that makes J. Lo look normal.  However, when I visited the set of Muppets Most Wanted with a few other online reporters last May in Los Angeles, I found Piggy to be a delight.  Not only did she walk over to us without any of her publicists, she was willing to answer all of our questions without incident!  She talked about what happens in the sequel, the romance, whether any of her European friends are in the movie, her solo musical number, what it was like working with “extras” like Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais, her relationship with Kermit, and so much more.  Hit the jump for what she had to say.

muppets-most-wantedQuestion: What are you most excited for fans to be seeing in this Muppets sequel?

MISS PIGGY: Well, moi, naturally! I’m very excited to be giving the world more of moi. The last movie was so successful and that was largely, in part, due to moi so we are, of course, doing the sequel which will feature even more of moi, I’m happy to say. I actually get a solo in this movie that I do not have to sing with somebody else. The last one, I had to do a solo with Amy Adams. This one, I do not have to share the stage with anyone.

Is there lots of romance in this movie?

MISS PIGGY: Oh yeah! You betcha. If you want romance, this is the movie for you.

We’ve heard that there is going to be a wedding this season that may involve a pig. Is that going to be with you?

MISS PIGGY: Let’s see. How much do I want to say? I do have a beautiful white dress that has a veil and a very long train in this movie. I’m not going to say what it’s used for but I do get to wear it and you’ll get to see me in it.

When we saw you in the last film, you were in Paris. We know The Muppets get to go to Europe in this one. Do we get to see any of your friends from Europe?

MISS PIGGY: Any of my European friends in this movie? Yes, in fact, we do have a few of them. Let’s see, some that come to mind are Ricky Gervais. What does he play in this movie? I don’t know. He’s somewhere in the background. He did that show Extras which I saw and I thought he would be perfect to be an extra in my movie (laughter).

What kinds of fabulous fashions are you going to be wearing in this film, besides the white one? Do you have a favorite?

MISS PIGGY: I’ve got so many outfits in this movie. I can’t even tell you how many. There are some scenes where I start in one costume and change into another costume by the end of the scene. Sometimes, in the same shot.

muppets-most-wanted-ty-burrellThe scene we are watching today, The Muppets are going on a train. Where are you going?

MISS PIGGY: I don’t know. That way (she points down the train track). Every time the train moves, it seems to be going that way. This is where we’re getting on a train to go to Europe. I love Europe. It’s a wonderful country.

You’re taking the train from Los Angeles to Europe.

MISS PIGGY: Yes! Duh. How else would you go? I mean, really.

Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey are in this movie. What are they like to work with?

MISS PIGGY: They’re absolutely wonderful. Which ones are they again?

The extras.

MISS PIGGY: The extras, yes. They truly are very funny, very talented and as long as they don’t get between moi and the camera, they are also very healthy, yes.

Amy Adams and Jason Segel aren’t in this film. Are their characters going to be addressed?

MISS PIGGY: I don’t know. If you want to write them a post card and address it to them, you may. I really don’t see the point of it myself. This is a Muppet movie you know. Nobody really cares about the humans.

This is the second time you’ve worked with director James Bobin. This time around, does he know to just stay out of your way and let you be you?

MISS PIGGY: I’m sorry. Who did you say the director was? (laughter)

Piggy, the Muppets have become so successful again since the last movie. Has your relationship with Kermie changed?

MISS PIGGY: No. We’ve always been steadfast loves. In the movies, we may sometimes have our squabbles and it may be difficult but in real life, we are always truly, madly and deeply in love with one another.

We know that there is a Kermit impersonator in this movie. If Piggy loves Kermit so much, would she be able to tell the difference?

MUPPETS MOST WANTEDMISS PIGGY: A Kermit impersonator? Where did you hear such a foolish thing? There can only be one Kermit. I have no idea what you’re talking about but I will say that, some days, Kermit seemed more like himself than others. Some days he would come along and be the very soft-spoken, gentle and handsome frog that I’ve always known. Then, some days he would come to work and just be barking out orders and in a foul mood and not paying any attention to me. I wonder what that was?

Piggy, you look great. What is your fitness regime and what kind of diet do you do?

MISS PIGGY: (She laughs). Oh, I don’t do any of that myself. I have people who do that for me. If you are a celebrity in Hollywood, you have people who do things for you like work out for you. I only hire the best.

Are any of your older Muppet friends in this movie who might not have been in the last movie?

MISS PIGGY: How old are you talkin’ about?

Like from the original TV show?

MISS PIGGY: I don’t really pay attention to people’s ages, especially mine! The cast is replete with Muppets both old and new (she starts listing them to herself). Just trying to think. Uh, no!

Any new ones we haven’t met yet?

MISS PIGGY: Well, I still consider Walter new. He keeps messing up my coffee order. Until he gets that right, we’re going to keep calling him ‘the new guy’. Really, who needs anybody new when you have moi?

muppets-most-wanted-posterI heard you might have a dance with Christoph Waltz in Europe when you were filming.

MISS PIGGY: You mean, did we go out clubbing? Is that what you’re asking?

Maybe but a more formal dance?

MISS PIGGY: In the movie, no. I will say, in the movie, no. (laughter)

The first film won an Oscar for Best Song and it wasn’t your solo and I’m convinced it was because Amy Adams sort of took that away from you. Is there any hostility there?

MISS PIGGY: We’ll just see if she’s in the new movie, won’t we? We’ll just see if it was in somebody’s contract that she was not allowed back in the sequel to the successful first film that was so successful because of me.

What is your solo in this film going to be about?

MISS PIGGY: Well, it’s right before a very big event in my life where I’m wearing the white dress.

(Noting a huge diamond sparkler on her finger) Is that a special ring on a special finger?

MISS PIGGY: This? This I got out of a box of Crackerjacks. You want it?

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