Warner Bros. Wants to Send David O. Russell and Brad Pitt on THE MISSION

     June 29, 2011


Killing Osama Bin Laden hasn’t just been great for America’s morale.  It’s also been great for Hollywood.  Columbia Pictures will distribute Kathryn Bigelow’s Kill Bin Laden next year, Relativity recently up picked up the Navy SEALs film Act of Valor, and now Warner Bros. is getting in on the military-men-on-a-mission game with the appropriately titled The MissionDeadline reports that Warner Bros. is fast-tracking a film based on the real-life six-year mission between American and Columbian covert operatives to free 15 hostages from the Columbian jungle.  David O. Russell is reportedly circling the director’s chair and Brad Pitt is being courted to star.  The movie won’t focus on the hardships of the hostages but instead on “the numerous governments, diplomats and intelligence services and a vast network of spies, military advisers and soldiers plus high-tech surveillance measures.”

Hit the jump for more on O. Russell and Pitt’s current projects and likelihood of signing on for The Mission.

For O. Russell, The Mission would simply be the latest potential project to hit the Oscar-nominated director’s desk and it currently looks like an adaptation of The Silver Linings Playbook will be his follow-up to The Fighter.  If Warner Bros. is intent on getting The Mission in front of cameras as soon as possible, O. Russell may not be the right guy for the gig since he has so many projects vying for his attention.

As for Pitt, Deadline is convinced that talks are happening even though no one would confirm that the actor was in any way involved.  The fact that he’s being courted for a role isn’t surprising and it’s equally meaningless unless the offer is formal and the result of a contract negotiation.  Even if the production was able to get Pitt, there’s the same problem as getting O. Russell in that you have two guys with very busy schedules and there’s nothing that automatically gives The Mission top priority.

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