‘Mission Implausible’ Service Answers Whether Big-Screen Action Scenes Are Actually Possible

     January 25, 2019


Have you ever watched an action movie and wondered, “Could that really happen?” Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill famously barrel rolled their helicopters down a cliff in a stunning action set piece in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, but how likely are two humans to survive such a daring feat? Could someone actually make it through a nuclear explosion in a fridge as Indy did in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? And how likely is it that an amputee could safely swing between metal bars without falling, then jump from a crane to a burning building as Dwayne Johnson did in Skyscraper?

The folks over at Betway consulted the experts to find the truth behind these memorable movie moments with a service called “Mission Implausble.” Action sequences from films like Mechanic: Resurrection, Bad Boys II, and even Saw VII are broken down, from how the stunts were pulled off for the movie, to whether they could actually happen in real life.


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As an example, they take a look at the Furious 7 scene in which Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner jump a Lykan Hypersport from one building to another. In actuality, a stunt driver drove the replica car through 40-foot glass and steel structures inside an Atlanta soundstage, then the film’s visual effects artist used CGI to make the sequence look as though the car was jumping from one building to another.

According to stuntwoman Alice Ford, this stunt is pretty impossible:

“The scene has feasible parts but as a whole is not possible. This sports car could accelerate to 40mph or more in a confided space and in the movie they are doing laps to gain speed before launching out of the window. The car might survive the drop if it had a reinforced undercarriage, roll cage, stronger axles, and bumpers.”

For more implausible scene breakdowns head over to Betway to check out “Mission Implausible.”

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Image via Legendary Entertainment, Universal Pictures

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