December 22, 2011


Let’s face it: the holidays are here and most people’s brains are already on vacation. Since it’s just too hard to come up with an original movie idea right now, a lot of talk has turned to potential sequels. Some franchises, like Gremlins and Mission: Impossible already have more than one movie in the books while others, such as Colombiana and Pineapple Express are open to sequels just because they can be. So we’ve ransacked the internets to find some updates on sequels you’ve been dying to see and others you never dreamed of being produced. Hit the jump to check them out.

First up comes the most plausible of the above-mentioned sequels, Mission: Impossible 5. While the current iteration, Mission:Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol, is now in theaters , MovieHole reports that Paramount is eager to go ahead with plans for the next installment. Anthony Marcoly, head of Paramount Pictures International had this to say:

“We are absolutely thrilled with the MIGP start internationally. The filmmaking team has provided us with an exceptionally playing film that moviegoers around the world are embracing. With two and a half weeks of school holidays still to come, we are positioned extremely well as the must see event over the Christmas season.”

Now, the rumor is that Skydance wants to move forward with both M:I-5 and, speaking of sequels, Top Gun 2 and that Paramount is on board for both. While I was originally under the impression that any future Mission:Impossible films would feature Jeremy Renner taking over the franchise from Tom Cruise, apparently that’s no longer the case. As Simon Pegg put it:

“I think that might have been the plan earlier on, but as the film progressed and we enjoyed it so much I think the idea of Ethan Hunt retiring fell by the wayside. Tom suddenly remembered why he loved doing these films so much and suddenly thought ‘well maybe I do want to do more?’ It’d be nice to see them go into a mission a little better equipped and prepared and have some things that actually work.”

As for director Brad Bird, it’s possible that he may be back for the next installment as well, if we can take his following quote seriously:

“Hey man, what a good idea! cross pollinating the bad robot films!”, Bird says of bringing Leonard Nimoy’s ‘Paris’ back from the classic series. “I’ll bring that up with JJ. I’ll be sure to discuss it.”

gremlins_movie_image_01Now, for other sequel news, MovieHole also reports that Warner Bros. has renewed the domain for which, if nothing else, supports the studios interest in keeping the franchise alive. As to whether it would be a true sequel or, more likely, a reboot (owing to the advances in motion picture technology, ie CGI vs puppets), that has yet to be determined. For those keeping score at home, Warner Bros. also renewed and

In “news you probably never considered,” MovieWeb unearthed the possibility of a sequel when talking to Colombiana star, Michael Vartan, who was quoted as follows [with spoilers]:

“I was joking with our director Olivier Megaton that this movie sets itself up nicely for a sequel. I’m not sure that would ever happen. But at the end, there are a lot of loose ends that have not been tied. It would be interesting to…Look, I was pushing the whole time to reveal my character as a villain at the end. I don’t know why he didn’t kill her if that was his assignment. He had many opportunities to do so. Who knows? That’s what writers are for. It felt like they did set this up for a sequel. I have never been part of a movie that allowed me to reprise a character. That in itself would be awesome. But it definitely felt like, if they wanted to, there was a lot of creative freedom there. It wouldn’t feel forced. A lot of times, a movie is written as this one time thing. I makes $300 million at the box office, and suddenly, everyone is going, “Sequel, sequel!” Then, when they make that sequel, you can tell that everyone is just forcing stories that clearly weren’t developed, or wouldn’t naturally happened. I think this one has a chance at a good sequel. So, let’s start a campaign!”

Not sure if any of you out there were asking Santa for a Colombiana sequel, but well, there it is…maybe.

Finally, E!Online has some interesting news on a potential reunion for Seth Rogen and James Franco in a sequel to Pineapple Express. Rogen laughingly gave E! the following quote:

“I don’t think it’s so precious that I wouldn’t want to ruin it with a sequel. So yeah, I would be [into it]. We talk about it. We joke around about it.”

Maybe Pineapple Express 2 has a real chance, or maybe Rogen’s just blowing smoke.


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