Christopher McQuarrie In Talks to Return for ‘Mission Impossible 6’

     November 19, 2015


Writer-director Christopher McQuarrie knocked it out of the park with Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, the fifth film in the long-running spy franchise famous for putting Tom Cruise through all manner of insane stunts (he held his breath for six minutes and hung off the side of a moving plane for Rogue Nation). McQuarrie’s take on the franchise was rich with homage and iconography, an excellent blend of humorous and pulse-pounding, and delivered some exceptional, massive action set-pieces.

In a piece of great news, it looks like McQuarrie may return to write and direct Mission Impossible 6, which will see Cruise return in the lead with a possible return Rogue Nation standout Rebecca Ferguson. Variety reports that McQuarrie is in negotiations with Paramount to return as both writer and director of the next sequel. That would be a pretty major shakeup for the franchise, which has never had a director helm more than one installment. Chronologically, the previous directors were Brian De Palma, John Woo, J.J. Abrams and Brad Bird, all of whom brought their idiosyncratic flourishes the exploits of Ethan Hunt and the IMF. If McQuarrie indeed returns for the next installment, he’s a perfect pick as arguably the first director who managed to seamlessly merge all the goal posts and highlights of the previous film, which varied pretty significantly from director to director. The movie also made a whole bunch o’ money, so that doesn’t hurt.


Image via Paramount

It certainly helps that McQuarrie and Cruise have a good working relationship, and indeed, both have openly spoken about their desire and plans to continue working together. Cruise has proven himself a loyal actor who often re-teams with his favorite collaborators. McQuarrie previously directed Cruise on Jack Reacher and penned the script for the Doug Liman-directed Edge of Tomorrow. When McQuarrie opted out of returning to helm Jack Reacher: Never Go BackEdward Zwick (who previously directed Cruise on The Last Samurai) stepped into the role.

Cruise, ever the workaholic, recently wrapped his second collaboration with Liman, the drug smuggling actioner Mena, is currently in production on Jack Reacher 2 and hopes to squeeze in one more collaboration with Liman, the lunar heist film Luna Park, before heading off to film Mission: Impossible 6 next summer. Variety states that Paramount aims to have production on MI6 up and running by Augst 2016, an unusually fast turnaround for the franchise which has previously had somewhere between 4-6 years between installments.

I’ve made no secret of my love for McQuarrie’s spin on the style and canon of Mission Impossible, so I’m thrilled he’s in discussions to return. What about you guys? Would you be happy to see McQuarrie at it again or were you looking forward to seeing another director put his stamp on the franchise? Sounds off in the comments.


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