‘Mission: Impossible 6’ May Shoot in Paris

     February 2, 2017


It looks like filming is finally getting ready to begin on Mission: Impossible 6. While on the press tour for the fifth entry in the action franchise, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, star Tom Cruise was teasing an incredibly fast turnaround with production on 6 taking place in 2016—just a year after Rogue One’s release. That was made possible by the fact that Christopher McQuarrie, the filmmaker behind Rogue Nation and Jack Reacher, was looking to make M:I history as the first director to helm two of the franchise’s installments, returning to write and direct Mission: Impossible 6. But production never got underway last year, partly due to a pay dispute between Cruise and the studio.

That dispute was settled in September, and now it looks like the engines are kicking back up to get this thing before cameras this spring or early summer—with a nice location change. Per THR, Paramount and Bad Robot are looking to film a portion of Mission: Impossible 6 in Paris, which is a change of venue for the series. Rogue Nation’s production was based in London and also shot in Vienna, while Ghost Protocol famously took the series to Dubai for its most jaw-dropping stunt to date. Before that, the J.J. Abrams-helmed Mission: Impossible 3 was Americana-infused with a decidedly domesticated setting, and Mission: Impossible 2 ventured to Australia to incredibly boring results.


Image via Paramount

We have absolutely no plot details or casting info for Mission: Impossible 6, but McQuarrie is one of the best writers working today and has really blossomed as a solid filmmaker as well. He’s been Cruise’s confidant for a while, writing and/or punching up the scripts for Edge of Tomorrow, Valkyrie, and The Mummy, which hits theaters this spring.

Paris could certainly offer some nice aesthetic changes, and while I really liked the grounded, 70s-esque look of Rogue Nation, I’ll be curious to see what McQuarrie puts together for this new installment. Here’s hoping Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson are back as well.

Mission: Impossible 6 opens in theaters on July 27, 2018.

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