New ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ Images Tease Ilsa’s Return, Impending Trailer

     January 23, 2018


Surely one of the most anticipated films of 2018 is Mission: Impossible 6. Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie marks the only returning director for the franchise after having written and directed the excellent Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, and he’s admitted the only reason he came back was to do something completely different from that film. Adding a mustachioed Henry Cavill and The Crown breakout Vanessa Kirby to the ensemble was an excellent start, as was the promise of bringing back Michelle Monaghan’s character from Mission: Impossible 3 and Rebecca Ferguson’s standout Rogue Nation character Ilsa.

With a July 27th release date impending, we’ve gotta be close to getting a trailer, and indeed McQuarrie has teased just that on his Instagram alongside a couple of new shots from the film of Cavill (still sporting the mustache, mind you) and Ferguson. Could we be getting our first look at Mission: Impossible 6 during the Super Bowl? Or maybe it’s attached to Black Panther in mid February? Regardless, we’re close, and I cannot wait.

The film very publicly went through a bit of a hiatus due to an injury Tom Cruise suffered performing a stunt. Production resumed earlier this month and the film is indeed still on track for its July release date. If McQuarrie could survive the production of Rogue Nation, in which they were still working on the ending throughout filming and facing release date that was six months earlier than intended, then Mission: Impossible 6 should be a cakewalk.

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