‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’: What Did You Think?

     July 29, 2018


The wait is over, folks! Mission: Impossible – Fallout is here and it’s every bit the action gem we were hoping for after the wild success Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie delivered with 2014’s Rogue Nation. McQuarrie breaks the Mission: Impossible tradition, becoming the first director in the franchise to return for a sequel, and hot dog, that was a good call!

Simply put, McQuarrie is an action genius and he could have no better on-screen partner than Cruise, who is willing to go to utterly insane lengths to get the shot. There are sequences in Fallout that I genuinely don’t understand. How did they do that? It’s first-rate, caliber action with the wow factor of recent hits like Mad Max: Fury Road and John Wick. And adding Henry Cavill to the equation is the perfect counterbalance to Cruise’s lithe, quick action style. Cavill moves like a tank, and their bathroom fight scene with Liang Yang is worth the price of admission on its own. The scalpel and the hammer in action — glorious. Not to mention the return of Rogue Nation revelation Isla Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) and the addition the ultimate boss, Angela Bassett‘s Erica Sloan. It’s just a knockout action movie across the board.

But that’s just what I think (you can read Matt’s full review here). We want to know what you have to say about the latest Mission: Impossible adventure. Has it unseated a previous installment as your new favorite? What’s your favorite set piece? Can you believe Cruise flew that helicopter? What the shit, man? Is there anything he won’t do to get the take? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

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