Caption This: MODERN FAMILY’s Luke Needs a Pick Up Line

     May 23, 2015


For Caption This, we at Collider TV take note throughout the week of the weirdest, strangest, or simply most caption-worthy promotional photos we run across, and pick the best one (or two) to share. You can see previous picks here.

First up, a scene from this past week’s season finale of Modern Family, “American Skyper.” Luke (Nolan Gould) has stripped down and is attempting to woo a lady — what do you think he’s using (or should use) as a pick up line? (And what is her response?) Add your thoughts in the comments below:


Image via ABC

In this week’s bonus photo, Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) is super sad on The Flash’s season finale, “Fast Enough.” What has him so upset? Luke’s woeful lack of game? Let’s try to cheer up the scene with some upbeat captions. Give it your best shot in the comments!


Image via The CW

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