Nicolas Cage Just Wants to Murder His Children in First ‘Mom and Dad’ Trailer

     December 27, 2017


The first trailer for Mom and Dad has landed online, and boy howdy this thing looks nuts. The film hails from writer and director Brian Taylor, one half of the directing duo Neveldine/Taylor that helmed Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and the first two Crank films. For his first solo effort, Taylor crafts a darkly comic action thriller in which parents of a seemingly idyllic suburb all of a sudden have a nagging urge to murder their children. Chaos literally ensues, but what makes Mom and Dad so intriguing is that the central couple here is played by Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair.

The Oscar-winning Cage is a talented performer, but he’s especially delightful when he really lets loose in films like Face/Off, Drive Angry, and the aforementioned Ghost Rider. He’s in that mode here, as this trailer offers a glimpse of a scene in which Cage sings the “Hokey Pokey” while busting a pool table apart with a sledgehammer.

Really you could just release that scene and get butts in seats, but our own Phil Brown saw and reviewed the film at the Toronto International Film Festival this year, praising the film’s B-movie charms weaved in “with such loving ludicrousness.” Click here to read Phil’s full review.

Check out the Mom and Dad trailer below, and click here to watch Steve’s extended interview with Taylor about the film from TIFF. The movie also stars Anne Winters and Zackery Arthur and will be released in theaters and on VOD and Digital HD on January 19th.


Image via TIFF

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