Limited Paper: Mondo Announces Drop Info for BIG TOP PEE-WEE, KILLING THEM SOFTLY, Preps for Friday Night’s WE BUY YOUR KIDS Gallery Show

     November 28, 2012


After a stunningly busy October, the Mondo crew seemed to be pumping the brakes a bit during the first half of November, but things started ramping up again last Friday with the company’s Black Friday drops (instant sellouts across the board, it goes without saying), and this week they’re offering up a pair of new prints in addition to 2012’s last Mondo Gallery show.  Wanna see what’s dropping this week, find out when you can expect Limited Paper’s coverage of Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Alright, guys, we’re gonna make this one short and sweet:  tomorrow, Mondo’s releasing a pair of posters, and both of ‘em have very, very small edition sizes.  If you’re a fan of either of these, you’re going to want to be on your game when the Tweet goes out from @MondoNews tomorrow morning/afternoon.  Let’s take a look:

  • Killing Them Softly by Jay Shaw
  • 18×24”
  • $35 regular edition of 125 (!!!)


  • Big Top Pee-Wee by DKNG
  • 24×36”
  • $40 regular edition of 150


You’ll recall seeing the Big Top Pee-Wee poster in early October, back when Mondo was lining up screenings of that film and Halloween as part of a two-day event meant to benefit the Deborah Hill Foundation.  Sadly, things didn’t pan out for the Big Top Pee-Wee screening, and in the time since we’ve often wondered what happened with the DKNG-designed print.  Looks like they’ve opted to drop the variant edition of the print that we previewed at that time, but who knows?  Maybe we’ll see it again at some point in the future (note:  that’s not a hint, just pure speculation).


Meanwhile:  the Mondo crew’s hard at work getting things ready for Friday night’s opening of Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend, the latest show (and the last, for 2012) at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX.  We’ll be on-hand for that event, and will be bringing you an exclusive video walking tour of all the posters We Buy Your Kids created for the event at some point over the weekend (we’ll also see what can be done about getting the Australian duo who make up We Buy Your Kids to speak on the record about the show).


In addition to that, we’ll also be bringing you photos and video from Guzu Gallery’s Strange Beasts showcase, the Kaiju-themed event that’s taking place right up the street from the Mondo Gallery on the same evening.  As always, if you’re an artist or gallery with artwork you’d like to see featured on Limited Paper (or if you’re just some lucky bastard who happened to overhear a bit of poster-related gossip while standing in the bushes outside Martin Ansin’s house) we wanna hear from you!  Email Limited Paper directly at, and be sure that you’re following us on Twitter via @LimitedPaper for ongoing commentary, news updates, giveaways, and more!


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