Limited Paper: Mondo Sells Over 9 Thousand Olly Moss DARK KNIGHT RISES Prints!

     July 19, 2012

Olly Moss The Dark Knight Rises Mondo poster slice

Yesterday, the dapper gentlemen over at Mondo did something that was—for them—historic:  for 24-hours, anyone with $40 was given the opportunity to pick up the regular edition of Olly MossDark Knight Rises Comic-Con poster.  That’s right:  anyone.   For one glorious day, not a single potential customer was greeted by the notorious “Out of Stock”/”Sold Out!” screen, and there was much rejoicing.  But just how many posters can Mondo sell in one 24-hour period?  Well, if the artist attached to the poster is Olly Moss, and if the poster-in-question celebrates one of the year’s most anticipated movies…the answers is over nine thousand!  Hit the jump for more.

Mondo-Olly-Moss-Dark-Knight-Rises-Comic-ConThere’s been much debate in the wake of Mondo’s decision to offer the regular edition of Olly Moss’ jaw-droppingly cool The Dark Knight Rises print as a timed edition.  For those not in the know, a “timed edition” means that the print’s edition size was to be based on the amount of posters that sold:  if Mondo sold 500 of its Dark Knight Rises print during that 24 hours, the edition size would be 5,000.  If it sold 7,000, well, that’d be the final count, and the poster you ordered would be numbered out of 7,000.

As it turned out, Mondo sold 9,350 copies of Moss’ DKR print, a stunning figure that speaks to…well, it speaks to a lot of things, doesn’t it?  It proves that anticipation is running just as high as we thought it was for The Dark Knight Rises (which, by the way, is Chris Nolan’s final Batman film; I caught it yesterday, and you guys are going to go apeshit for it).  It proves that Mondo’s on the minds of a whole bunch of people.  And it also tells us that the idea of a Mondo timed-edition isn’t such a bad idea, after all.

Mondo-Comic-Con-Olly-Moss-Dark-Knight-Rises-RegularThat’s debatable, of course:  many collectors feel that offering up a timed edition is a sure-fire way to drastically reduce the value of a poster, and because many collectors pride themselves on the overall value of their collections (not to mention the lengths they’ve needed to go to—both physically and financially—to score every piece in their flat files), a poster with virtually no resale value might be considered a poster not-worth-owning.   After all, if everyone has one, what’s the point?  Part of the fun in collecting is the “thrill of the hunt”, and if a poster can be landed with the click of a button (almost literally), well, there’s nothing all too thrilling about that, is there?

But it’s not always about the value, nor is it always about the rarity.  Sometimes, people just like having kick-ass artwork on their walls—imagine that!—and Moss’ Dark Knight Rises certainly supplies a generous dose of kick-assery (for those of you that haven’t seen the image in person yet, just you wait:  this one’s really, really impressive when it’s sitting right in front of you, and it’ll be just as impressive when it’s hanging on your wall).  Is it unlikely that these posters will have the same sort of mindblowing value that some of Mondo’s other super-rare posters have?  Of course.  But was this a way to open up the Mondo fanbase and to get a gorgeous piece of artwork into the hands of every single fan who wanted one?  Absolutely.

We support Mondo’s decision to offer a timed edition print here at Limited Paper, and congratulate them on the success of that sale:  almost 10,000 posters sold!  That’s insane (someone did the math, and determined that Mondo posted something like $374,000 in sales yesterday), and one can’t help but imagine what sort of shenanigans will be involved in getting all of those prints numbered, tubed up, and shipped out.  For their sanity’s sake, we certainly hope that Mondo’s Mo Shafeek and Justin Brookhart aren’t going to be left in charge of all that rolling.

Stay tuned for more on Mondo, the world of poster collecting, and—last but certainly not least—more of our post-SDCC coverage in the days ahead, folks:  we’ve got a number of interviews headed your way, including chats with Mondo regulars Daniel Danger, Olly Moss, and Kevin Tong.  We’ve also got an exclusive look from the frontlines of Mondo’s The Dark Knight Rises drop (Moss variant) at Comic-Con 2012, and think you’ll be really happy with the results of that piece.  As always, you can drop me a line at if you’ve got questions, comments, concerns, or if you’re just an artist/gallery who wants to see their artwork featured here at Limited Paper!  Everyone else is encouraged to hit the Comments section below:  we wanna hear what you think about Mondo timed editions—good idea?  Bad?  Sound off below with your thoughts, folks, and stay tuned!

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