Exclusive: Mondo Bringing ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Score to Vinyl with Artwork by Matt Taylor

     June 6, 2017


Edge of Tomorrow had a pretty rocking score from composer Christophe Beck, so it’s only right that the score should be on vinyl. Thankfully, as they do with so many scores, Mondo is here to make that a reality.

Mondo is bringing the score to vinyl on June 14th. The album is pressed on 180 gram “Omega” colored vinyl. It will cost $25 and the album features terrific artwork by Matt Taylor (seriously, turn this thing into a poster).

Edge of Tomorrow has turned into a bit of a cult hit. It only grossed $100 million domestic, but interest in the movie remains high (it’s easily one of Tom Cruise’s best movies), and we’re excited that a sequel is moving through development. If you want to show your love for the original and you have a record player, you’re definitely going to want to pick this up.

Check out images of the album below. You can purchase it on June 14th at MondoTees.com.


Image via Mondo


Image via Mondo


Image via Mondo


Image via Mondo

Here’s the tracklisting for Edge of Tomorrow:

  1. Angel Of Verdun (Main Titles)
    2. No Courage Without Fear
    3. D-Day
    4. Mimics And Alphas
    5. PT
    6. Find Me When You Wake Up
    7. Navigating The Beach
    8. Winning The War
    9. Combat Training
    10. Deadweight
    11. Again!
    12. Solo Flight
    13. Decoy
    14. Whitehall
    15. Uncharted Territory
    16. I’m Out
    17. They Know We’re Coming
    18. Caged In
    19. Ritaliation
    20. The Omega
    21. Welcome To London Major
    22. Live Die Repeat (End Titles)

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