Limited Paper: Mondo Announces Their Latest Gallery Show, Releases More JURASSIC PARK and LOONEY TUNES Prints

     September 6, 2012

Believe it or not, but with everything else that’s been going on lately—Gallery1988’s Breaking Bad series (and that crazy gallery show), Ltd. Art Gallery’s PRESS START exhibition, Bottleneck Gallery’s More Than You Imagined, Mark Englert’s new stuff, and everything else we’ve covered over the past couple weeks—it’s actually been quite a while since we checked in with the Mondo guys.  And as it turns out, today’s a perfect day to do just that:  not only is the Austin-based dropping two new posters from Kevin Tong and Tom Whalen this afternoon, but they’ve also just issued a formal announcement about their latest gallery show.  Wanna know more?  Of course you do.  Meet me after the jump.

Y’know, when we started Limited Paper here at, one of the first “rules” we established for the column—if not the very first—was that we’d make a point to cover a variety of things happening in Poster Land, not just the stuff being released by Mondo.  At the outset, this actually seemed like it might be a bit of a challenge:  Mondo’s the reigning champ of the poster-producing industry these days, and with the pace that the Mondo crew has set this year (I haven’t done the math, but surely they’ve averaged more than 2 prints per week at this point), it was going to be hard not to cover them at every turn.

Oh, how naïve we were.  It hadn’t even occurred to me until just this morning—when the formal announcement for Mondo’s latest gallery show arrived in my inbox—but it’s actually been a couple of weeks since we ran an edition of Limited Paper that focused solely on Mondo-related shenanigans.  Let’s rectify that right now and take a look at what’s happening in Mondo-land right now, starting with the posters being released sometime today (note:  they may already have dropped by the time you read this; here’s hoping you were waiting on the Tweet to come in):

  • Jurassic Park by Kevin Tong
  • 24×36”
  • $45 edition of 275

  • What’s Opera, Doc? By Tom Whalen
  • 18×24”
  • $40 regular edition of 270
  • $65 variant edition of 90

So, up top you’ve got the latest in Mondo’s long-running (like, really long-running) Jurassic Park series.  This one’s by Kevin Tong, most recently seen producing one of the top-five greatest prints in Gallery88’s Breaking Bad series.  So far, reaction to this one seems to be split up the middle…but let’s be frank:  it’s part of Mondo’s Jurassic Park series—it’s gonna go quick.   The two posters below that, meanwhile, belong to Tom Whalen, and are the latest in Mondo’s Looney Tunes series.  That series kicked off all the way back in March, when Whalen’s Duck Dodgers dropped during the opening of the Mondo Gallery.  The series seemed to go on hiatus for a while, and then popped up again in the past few weeks with the release of Rabbit Season.  Looks like Whalen’s staked a claim on this license now that the Disney license has run its course, and who better?  If there was ever  a perfect marriage between style and content…

In other Mondo news, the latest Mondo Gallery show has been announced…and it’s arriving sooner than some expected.  September 14th, to be precise.  Let’s take a look at the fliers Mondo sent over :

Now, if you’re a frequent reader here at Limited Paper, you may have noticed that “Robert Brandenburg” and “Craig Drake” are not two of Mondo’s better-known contributing artists.  But if you’re a longtime fan of the Mondo brand (and, in particular, the Mondo gallery), you’ve almost certainly seen their work before:  Brandenburg’s the guy that did that enormous portrait of Blade Runner’s Rachel at the first Mondo Gallery show (see below), while Drake’s the guy that did the Spongebob Squarepants/20,000 Leagues Under The Sea mashup (also below).  Here’s what Mondo’s press release says we can expect from the show:

Mondo, the collectible art division of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, announces its next gallery show, which runs from September 14 – October 6, featuring both prints and original works of art from Robert Brandenburg and Craig Drake. The gallery opening on September 14 will be from 7:00 – 10:00pm with regular hours to follow for the show’s duration…

Mondo fans may recognize Craig Drake’s style from an original Blade Runner painting of Rachael at the gallery’s sci-fi themed show at SXSW. “I find Craig Drake’s sharp, sleek portraits very interesting. He created my favorite piece at our inaugural show, which I am proud to have hanging in my house,” said Mondo’s Mitch Putnam. Drake has delivered stunning works of art for Mondo’s upcoming show, bringing his sleek 80s pop style to characters from Metropolis, Black Swan, Kill Bill and more.

Artist Robert Brandenburg will be reinterpreting classic movie posters by adding embellishments to the original one-sheets for the Mondo show. “If you are in the area, you must come see Robert Brandenburg’s pieces in person. His attention to detail is unmatched,” commented Putnam. His subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle tweaks to iconic art are sublime, adding new meaning to familiar poster art from movies like Deliverance, Manhattan and more.

So Mitch is the one that ended up with that Rachel.  Huh.  Anyway, let’s stay focused:  this show sounds like it’s going to be pretty interesting, the latest in what’s turned out to be a series of out-of-left-field choices for the Mondo Gallery ever since that March opening:  no one saw this one coming, just as no one saw a full-blown Adventure Time show coming, or an all-Jay-Shaw show (devoted entirely to an obscure series of exploitation movies, no less).  Can’t say I know what to expect from this one when it arrives next week, but you can bet your candy-ass that Limited Paper will be there to cover it, and we’ll be reporting back with video, photos, and whatever else we can snag while we’re in there.

Well, folks, that gets you all caught up on the happenings over at Mondo for the time being, but—as we noted above—stay tuned:  in the very near future, we’re going to have exclusive coverage from the Sept. 14th premiere of the Brandenburg and Drake gallery show (including a “walking tour” video that’ll show you every piece on display at the gallery…y’know, if you’re not already coming into town for the show), and soon after that we’re going to have some exciting Mondo-related coverage from Fantastic Fest 2012.  Word on the street is, Mondo’s going to be releasing some pretty awesome stuff during this year’s Fantastic Fest, and if the rumors we’ve heard are true…there’s going to be plenty to discuss.

Stay tuned for that—and more!—in the near future, my fellow Limited Paper enthusiasts.  As always, if you’re a gallery owner with a show you’d like to tell us about, an artist with some badass artwork on the way, or just some guy that overheard some mindblowing, poster-related gossip, we want to hear from you:  drop Limited Paper a line directly via email at, and be sure to follow us on Twitter via @LimitedPaper for other updates, shenanigans, and what-have-you’s.  If you’ve got something to say about today’s releases—or the upcoming Brandenburg and Drake Mondo Gallery show—don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments section below.  See ya next time, folks:  we’ll be back tomorrow with the winners from last week’s Last of Us giveaway!

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