Limited Paper: Order Mondo’s THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Olly Moss Poster Right Now; Plus a Chance to Win a One-of-a-Kind Print from Moss

     July 17, 2012

Olly Moss The Dark Knight Rises Mondo poster slice

We briefly discussed this during the latter portion of our 2012 Comic-Con coverage, but tonight it’s been made officially official:  right now, you—yes, you, the guy/girl that never seems able to score during Mondo’s online drops—can head on over to the company’s website and purchase your very own Olly Moss screenprint without fear of it already having sold out.

A gorgeous Dark Knight Rises poster, painstakingly rendered by one of the top artists in the Mondo stable?  And it’s only $40?  And there’s no chance of it being sold out?  You’re not dreaming, folks, and you can learn everything you need to know about the situation after the jump.

When Limited Paper was at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, we witnessed a number of high-profile poster drops:  Martin Ansin’s Game of Thrones print, for instance, or Francesco Francavilla’s Creature From The Black Lagoon, or Mark Englert’s You Are My Lucky Star, or…well, you get the idea.  There were a ton of amazing posters to purchase at Comic-Con this year, and almost every one of them sold out very quickly.

Amongst all of those wildly-popular prints, though, one poster reigned supreme:  Olly Moss’ The Dark Knight Rises variant.  Limited to only 180 copies (a number that fell far, far short of servicing the several-hundred people that lined up to purchase the print), the 24×36” screenprint was an instant smash-hit, generating frenzied interest throughout the poster-collecting community and skyrocketing in value on the secondary market within minutes of making its Comic-Con debut.  For those that couldn’t get their hands on the print, this past Saturday was a dark (no pun intended) day, indeed.

But cheer up, Charlie!  There’s good news!  As we reported over the weekend, Mondo and Moss have teamed up to do something very special for The Dark Knight Rises’ regular-edition drop, something that—heretofore—Mondo has never mucked around with:  a timed-release, one where literally anyone with a credit card can jump online, follow a link, and get their very own copy of the print without fear of it already having sold out.  Even as we speak, Moss’ Dark Knight Rises (regular edition) print is on-sale over at Mondo’s website, and it’ll stay that way for the next 24 hours.

What happens then?  Well, that’s the cutoff point:  however many posters sell during that 24 hour stretch, that’ll be the edition size of this print (read:  if Mondo sells 500 posters, the  regular edition’s run will be numbered out of 500;  if they sell 15,000 copies of the poster, it’s 15,000, and so on).  The print’s a little smaller than the variant version that sold at Comic-Con (see below), but it’s still awesome that fans of the image, the artist behind the image, and Chris Nolan’s forthcoming Bat-film will all get their crack at owning a piece of Mondo history.  Here, let’s check out the specs:

  • The Dark Knight Rises (Regular Edition) by Olly Moss
  • 16×24”
  • $40 regular edition of (however many sell in the next 24 hours)


Now, Mondo has cautioned all buyers to expect a bit of a lengthy wait-time on these:  they’re saying that it could take up to 6 weeks for everyone to receive their posters, but that’s the (small) price one has to pay when dealing with timed editions (the Mondo guys are surely going to have their hands full over the next few weeks getting all of these rolled up and shipped out:  everyone should say a little prayer to the Poster Gods on behalf of Mo and Justin B’s sanity).   By the way, here’s what the variant looked like, just for comparison’s sake:


But, wait!  There’s more!  One lucky buyer’s tube will contain a “Golden Ticket” from Moss himself, one that will allow the buyer to have Olly create a special edition screenprint—numbered 1/1—of their choice!  The only restriction?  You cannot request Blade Runner or a film that Moss has already created a poster for (Moss explained during my interview with him at the Con that Blade Runner is his favorite film, and that—try as he might—he’s simply been unable to capture the film on paper in a way that he feels completely satisfied with).

Want a singular edition of Driving Miss Daisy by Olly Moss?  He’ll do it.  How about Ghostbusters?  Say the word and it’s done.  Always wanted to see Moss’ take on Pulp Fiction?  Well, you’re not alone…but you are the only person that’ll have such a piece in your collection.   Even those who already scored The Dark Knight Rises variant at SDCC will want to purchase one of these regular-editions:  if nothing else, you can look at it as a lottery with a $40 entry fee, one where the prize is an Olly Moss original.


Head on over to this page to snag your copy now, and stay tuned for more on this release right here at Limited Paper:  we’ll be keeping you updated on how many posters eventually sell, along with who scores the “Golden Ticket”….and what film they request Moss make a print for (assuming that this info’s made public:  let’s hope they don’t keep that a secret, it’ll drive everyone nuts).  Later this week, we’ll also have some exclusive interview-action with Moss himself, along with a number of other exclusive SDCC interviews with Kevin Tong, Daniel Danger, Jock, and much, much more!

As always, you can drop us a line at if you’ve got a question, comment, concern, or a hot tip (also feel free to drop me a line if you’re an artist/gallery who’s interested in having your artwork featured here at Limited Paper!  We’re always looking for exclusives, scoops, announcements, and any other poster-related shenanigans you might wanna throw our way).  Everyone else is encouraged to sound off in the comments section below if you’ve got anything you’d like to add:  think that a timed edition’s the greatest idea ever?  Wish Mondo would do it more?  Wish they’d never done it in the first place?  Let us know what you think below, folks, and stay tuned for more Limited Paper in the days ahead!

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