Limited Paper: Mondo Drops Their Latest Vinyl Soundtrack, POLTERGEIST, on the 22nd

     February 13, 2013

For awhile now, Mondo’s been keen to get into the vinyl game.  Over the past year, they released soundtracks for The Beyond and The Deadly Spawn, and last March they announced that a vinyl version of the glorious Drive soundtrack (overseen by Cliff Martinez) was in the cards (we expect that one any minute now).  Well, the time’s come for their latest vinyl release, this time a soundtrack for the classic 80’s haunted-house flick Poltergeist.   Featuring new artwork from the Australian super-duo known as We Buy Your Kids,  you’ll be free to pick up your very own copy tomorrow afternoon.  See pictures and learn more after the jump, folks.

All’s been quiet on the Mondo front this week—our guess is that they’re gearing up for something outstanding on Oscar night—but just last night our friends over at Ain’t It Cool News made it official:  Mondo’s latest vinyl soundtrack is releasing tomorrow, complete with brand new artwork from We Buy Your Kids (last seen kicking serious ass during their Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend show at the Mondo Gallery in late 2012).  What’s it look like and where can you get one?  Let’s address those questions one by one, starting with the outside cover:

Impressive, no?  Well, just wait until you see the inside:

Whoa.  Now that’s a badass looking album cover.  Y’know, Mondo’s own Rob Jones won a Grammy not so long ago (see photo below) for designing the artwork for a White Stripes set;  don’t be surprised if one of these Mondo vinyl releases eventually earns another one.  If you’re interested in picking this one up, you can tune in to the Mondo Twitter feed and wait for the drop to happen.  Good luck to everyone who’s going after this one!

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