Limited Paper: Acid-Free Gallery’s MYTHS AND MONSTERS! Mondo Does THE GOONIES! Ken Taylor, AKIRA, STAR WARS, More

     July 26, 2012


After the madness that was Comic-Con 2012, things have been a little more quiet than usual on the Limited Paper front.  But don’t worry!  We’re not cutting back.  Truth is, we’ve just had a ton of catching-up to do here at Collider HQ:  film set visits that needed to be reported, interviews to transcribe, booze-soaked canoe trips to document–there were times that it felt like our non-poster-related reporting would never end.

But today we’re back with a brand-new installment of your preferred column, and there’s much to share.  What’s Mondo doing this weekend in Kansas City?  What artists are taking part in Acid-Free Gallery’s Myths and Monsters shows?  Wanna know where you can get a sweet Akira poster?  Any Ken Taylor fans in the audience?  There’s a ton of answers waiting for you after the jump, my fellow screenprint-enthusiasts.

Well, folks, Comic-Con 2012 is over for another year.  The madness has started to die down (though if you’re one of the unlucky people that purchased SDCC prints off eBay—only to discover that you’d purchased from someone who had no friggin’ idea how to get your poster into a tube and a tube through the mail without turning said poster into confetti—the madness will probably continue for just a little while longer), frames (and elaborate trades) are being made, and people are starting to look ahead to the next exciting, poster-related event.

As it turns out, there’s nothing super-huge on the horizon at the moment, but there are a number of smaller events that’ve caught our eye here at Limited Paper HQ.  And before we lose yet another weekend to travel, we thought it’d be prudent to bring you up to speed on all of those events:  some of them are very exciting, indeed.  For instance….


You might remember Acid-Free Gallery as the website that released that awesome Beauty and The Beast poster by Tom Whalen earlier this year.  Well, the Acid-Free guys are back with another monster-related batch of prints, and this time Whalen’s accompanied by a few other kick-ass artists:  guys like Graham Erwin, Dave Perillo, and the never-not-impressive Laurent Durieux have banded together for Acid-Free Gallery’s Myths and Monsters, a series which goes on sale this Friday.  Here’s what Acid-Free has to say about their show, via email:

Our next print release will feature various Myths and Monsters from all realms. Explore creatures and characters from Greek Mythology. Tap into modern myths and legends like BigFoot, vampires and more! We have gathered another all-star cast to bring you some of the best Myths and Monsters to hang on your walls! The artists include(alphabetical): Charles Santoso, Daniel Torres, Dave Perillo, Graham Erwin, Jeff Kilpatrick, Jerrod Maruyama, Laurent Durieux, Matt Kaufenberg, N.C. Winters, Samuel Ho, Scott Derby, Steve Thomas, and Tom Whalen.  We will be featuring a Limited Edition Screen print release by Laurent Durieux! Stay tuned for more details! Print release preview on July 25th! All prints will go on sale on July 27th!

Wanna see some of the posters being released during this drop?  Of course you do.  Let’s take a look at some of our favorite pieces from Acid-Free’s Myths and Monsters show, in no particular order:

  • Bigfoot National Park by Laurent Durieux
  • 16×24”
  • $55 screenprint edition of 150, $65 variant screenprint edition of 75 (with GID Bigfoot!)

  • Yeti by Tom Whalen
  • 12×24”
  • $50 regular giclee edition of 30, $200 canvas giclee edition of 2
  • Cyclops Island by Graham Erwin
  • 18×24”
  • $40 regular edition of 50, $175 canvas giclee edition of 1

  • Have You Seen Me? by Dave Perillo
  • 16×20”
  • $45 regular giclee edition of 30, $185 canvas giclee edition of 1

There are a ton of other pieces in this collection—screenprints, giclees, canvas giclees, you name it—and all of them are worthy of your attention.  As the guys at Acid-Free Gallery told us above, all of these are going to go on-sale Friday afternoon at this page, so keep your F5’ing fingers at the ready and be prepared to clear some space on your wall for some of these awesome posters.  Our favorite’s gotta be Durieux’s Bigfoot poster…but Whalen’s Yeti is pretty damn snazzy, too.  Head on over to Acid-Free Gallery’s page right now to bookmark it, and good luck on the drop tomorrow, guys!


Of all the posters that we saw at the 2012 SDCC, Jason Edmiston’s Hand of Ming might have been the most impressive:  the artist’s giclee edition of the canvas original (which, you might recall, made its big debut during the opening of the Mondo Gallery at this year’s SXSW) is absolutely jaw-dropping in-person, packed with detail and rich colors that launch themselves right off the paper and into your dumbfounded face.  During the Con, Edmiston (one of the friendliest, most welcoming artists I had the pleasure of encountering during SDCC) was selling the smaller edition of this piece, but he told me that he’d soon be offering an extremely limited-edition 24×36” version via his website.

Well, folks, that time has come:  tomorrow morning, the remaining 18×27.5” versions of the print go on sale…along with the big-ass 24×36” edition.  Here, check it out:

  • The Hand of Ming by Jason Edmiston
  • $75 (18×27.5”) regular edition of 75
  • $150 (24×36”) limited edition of 10

See what I mean?  If you’re an Edmiston fan, a Flash Gordon fan, a fan of awesome artwork, or if you’re just looking to purchase a piece that I’d consider one of the best posters released this year, you need to keep your eyes trained on Edmiston’s Etsy show tomorrow morning around 8am, CST.  That’s when the drop happens, and I don’t imagine that these are going to last very long.  I reached out to Edmiston for a quote about this piece, and here’s what he had to say:

My painting “The Hand of Ming” is now available as a limited giclee. This piece was originally created for Mondo’ inaugural gallery show back in February of this year. The show’s theme was science fiction films, and I wanted to do a portrait of a great cinematic villain. I hadn’t seen Flash Gordon since I was a kid, but Ming the Merciless’ character and costume stood out in my mind. I loved the colors and over the top design, and felt that he was an under appreciated tyrant. I imagined focusing on his hands and ring (the source of his power), and immediately thought of the pose Lugosi struck in the movie White Zombie, where he is summoning his evil horde. Ming is a similar master of his minions, and I added the nebula behind his head to imply his mastery over the entire universe.

Thanks again, Jason!  Everyone else, get your credit card numbers memorized, your pages bookmarked, and prepare to do bloody battle on the field of poster-drops come tomorrow morning.  May the best men score!

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