MondoCon 2015 Images: Posters, Toys, Vinyl, and More

     October 5, 2015

mondocon-2015-slice-1This past weekend I had the good fortune to attend the second annual MondoCon in Austin, TX. While I enjoyed the event in its inaugural year, I have to give credit to the Mondo team for making the sequel better in virtually every way. More posters, more artists/vendors, more food and beer, more organization and, perhaps most importantly, more convention space.

Like last year, there were panels and screenings available to those interested in more than just the convention floor(s). I had a wonderful time at the 35mm screening of Tim Burton‘s Batman on Saturday night though I’m still kicking myself for having missed The Goonies later that night and Halloween on Sunday. Regrets aside, take a look at the pictures I snapped from MondoCon 2015 below and make plans to attend next year if at all possible. If you have any affection for Mondo and items akin to Mondo, I don’t think that you can be disappointed.

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mondocon-2015-image-4 mondocon-2015-image-5 mondocon-2015-image-45

mondocon-2015-image-44 mondocon-2015-image-42 mondocon-2015-image-41

mondocon-2015-image-40 mondocon-2015-image-39 mondocon-2015-image-38

mondocon-2015-image-37 mondocon-2015-image-36 mondocon-2015-image-31

mondocon-2015-image-32 mondocon-2015-image-33 mondocon-2015-image-34

mondocon-2015-image-35 mondocon-2015-image-30 mondocon-2015-image-29

mondocon-2015-image-28 mondocon-2015-image-27 mondocon-2015-image-26

mondocon-2015-image-21 mondocon-2015-image-22 mondocon-2015-image-23

mondocon-2015-image-24 mondocon-2015-image-25 mondocon-2015-image-20

mondocon-2015-image-19 mondocon-2015-image-18 mondocon-2015-image-17

mondocon-2015-image-16 mondocon-2015-image-11 mondocon-2015-image-12

mondocon-2015-image-13 mondocon-2015-image-15 mondocon-2015-image-14

mondocon-2015-image-10 mondocon-2015-image-9 mondocon-2015-image-8

mondocon-2015-image-7 mondocon-2015-image-6


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