Limited Paper Exclusive: Mondo’s CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Revealed

     July 13, 2012


Anticipation’s running high for the 15-some-odd poster drops that Mondo’s promised during this year’s Comic-Con, and so far the reveals have been pretty damn stunning:  we’ve learned that Mondo and HBO have teamed up for a Game of Thrones series, and—just a few days ago– the fine folks at Entertainment Weekly revealed three of the prints from that series to a frenzied response from fans.  All’s been quiet on the poster-reveal front ever since, but today Limited Paper is proud to play host to the next big reveal from Mondo’s Comic-Con lineup:  the long-awaited screenprint for Universal’s Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Ready to get a peek?  Meet me after the jump, my fellow limited paper-enthusiasts.

All this week, Limited Paper is coming to you from beautiful San Diego, California, where this year’s 2012 Comic-Con is unfolding even as we speak.  Some people come to Comic-Con for the exclusive footage presentations in Hall H, some come for the booth babes;  some come for that one-of-a-kind smell that Comic-Con is known for, while others—believe it or not—still actually come for the comics.

But here at Limited Paper, we don’t have time for any of that noise:  we’re here for screenprints, posters, and poster-signings—nothing more.   And God help anyone that gets in our way.

Prior to the Con, there was quite a bit of speculation as to what Mondo might be dropping this week, and one of the titles that kept coming up was Creature From The Black Lagoon, the long-awaited next entry in the Universal Monsters series.  Screenprints like Drew Struzan’s Frankenstein and Martin Ansin’s Dracula, Mummy, and Wolfman triple-header are amongst the most popular posters ever released by the company, and fans have been waiting to see who’d be immortalizing the Creature in screenprint form ever since.

As such, it’s a honor to be able to offer you the exclusive premiere of Francesco Francavilla’s Creature From The Black Lagoon screenprint.  Let’s take a look:

  • Creature From The Black Lagoon by Francesco Francavilla
  • 24×36” screenprint
  • $45, edition of 325


For those of you who have been collecting Mondo’s ongoing Universal Monsters series, this print’s a must-have, a vital piece of the puzzle (and a damn fine-looking one, to boot) if you want your set to be complete.  Then again, you’d also need Ansin’s Bride of Frankenstein to have a truly complete set, and that one’s so hard to come by that it often gets conveniently forgotten by those claiming to have a complete lineup (don’t be embarrassed:  I’m gonna do the same thing until I snag one).

Francavilla’s Creature From The Black Lagoon drops at a random time this Friday (the 13th), and is only available Mondo’s Comic-Con booth (#437).  They’re expected to go very, very quickly, so—if you’re already at the Con—be sure to keep a watchful eye on the Mondo Twitter feed (@MondoNews) for updates regarding the drop.

You should also keep us bookmarked here at for future Limited Paper updates from the 2012 SDCC:  what other posters might Mondo be dropping this week?  Is there any hope for getting a poster dropping at SDCC if you don’t already have a badge?  What artists will Limited Paper be bringing you exclusive interviews with?  What does Comic-Con smell like, anyway?  We’ll be keeping updated on all of this and more, all week long and with multiple daily posts.  As always, if you’ve got anything you’d like to tell us here at Limited Paper HQ (Are you an artist with a poster you’d like to debut?  Are you someone who’s got a hot tip on something that’s about to drop?  Want to give away your Ansin Bride of Frankenstein?), contact me at immediately!  Everyone else can sound off in the comments section below!


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