Gary Oldman and Dominic Monaghan Join MONSTER BUTLER

     May 30, 2012


Director Doug Rath has nabbed Gary Oldman and Dominic Monaghan to star in his upcoming indie Monster Butler (best title ever).  The film tells the true story of Roy Fontaine, “a bisexual jewel thief/con man/serial killer who chronicles his personal descent into darkness leading up to his eventual capture.”  Malcolm McDowell is set as Fontaine, while THR reports that Oldman will play “a taxidermist with anger issues” who partners with Fontaine on a few crimes before things get too intense.

Monaghan, meanwhile, will play David Wright, a man who struck up a relationship with Fontaine in prison only to rekindle things when they both work on an estate.  A blackmail attempt “forces Fontaine’s hand and begins his descent into murder and mayhem.”  These are certainly a few juicy roles for Oldman, Monaghan, and McDowell so it should be interesting to see how the finished film turns out.  Oldman recently signed on to take an integral role in the RoboCop remake.  Production on Monster Butler begins in Scotland on June 6th.

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