This Week in Animation: ‘Monster Hunter’ Animated Special to Arrive in 2019

     July 14, 2018


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The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants

Hotel Transylvania 3



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‘Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild’ Set to Arrive in 2019


Image via Capcom, Pure Imagination Studios

As Variety reports, Capcom and Pure Imagination Studios are collaborating on an upcoming Monster Hunter animated special to be titled Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild. Written by Joshua Fine (Ultimate Spider-Man), the project will focus on an aspiring young hunter aiming to make a name for himself in the world who soon discovers a devastatingly powerful Elder Dragon is carving a path of destruction that leads straight through his village.

Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said of the project:

We think die-hard fans will appreciate our dedication to the source material while those uninitiated to the series will still be treated to an epic adventure in a wholly unique world.

Elsewhere in the franchise, Monster Hunter World arrives on PC August 9th. The company’s fastest and best-selling game in its history also had a feature-length adaptation in development from director Paul W.S. Anderson and his production partner Jeremy Bolt, but we haven’t heard anything on that front in a couple of years.

Production on Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is expected to be completed this winter for a 2019 global premiere on multiple platforms.


Image via Capcom, Pure Imagination Studios