Gareth Edwards’ ‘Monsters’ Being Developed into TV Series by Channel 4

     January 13, 2018


In the wake of the runaway success of The Walking Dead and the obsessive love for cancelled series like Hannibal, horror on TV has never been a more viable investment for streaming sites and TV networks alike. Shows ranging from Mindhunter and American Gods to Preacher and Ash vs. Evil Dead have stake in this, as do Stranger Things and iZombie. And with the recent news of Bryan Fuller, the unquestionable master of TV horror at this point, taking on Anne Rice‘s Vampire Chronicles, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down even a little bit.

Monsters-movie-image (2)

Image via Magnet

This trend would explain why UK’s Channel 4 is currently working on a TV series based on Monsters, the wildly entertaining debut film from Gareth Edwards, starring then-unknown leading man Scoot McNairy. Edwards has since moved onto bigger titles, namely his excellent Godzilla remake and the equally astounding and infuriating Rogue One, but all the visual tricks and obsessions that were gleanable from those movies were apparent in rougher form in Monsters. It’s unclear right now if the director will have any hand in the TV series’s look or narrative arc at this point, but one can always hope.

According to Deadline, what we do know right now is that Ronan Bennett, the writer behind Michael Mann‘s undervalued Public Enemies and the recent HBO miniseries Gunpowder, will serve as the showrunner while Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan and Marlon Smith will be in charge of writing. From the sound of things, the Monsters series will not be ready for the 2018 TV season but it will likely be ready for early 2019, at least in the UK. More important will be the question of who will lead the show, assuming that neither McNairy nor Whitney Able, his co-lead in Edwards’ original movie, will be returning. Whoever does end up in the lead(s) will likely have plenty to work with, as the movie introduced a fascinating post-apocalyptic world that Edwards barely had time to explore within the allotted runtime. If such curiosity and imagination is at the core of the series, it might end up in the higher echelons of horror TV rather than in the lower rungs that include The Mist and Stan Against Evil.