FALLING SKIES Stars Colin Cunningham, Jessy Schram and Moon Bloodgood Talk Big Boobs, Killing Aliens and the Show’s Third Season

     July 25, 2012


Falling Skies is a gritty, understandable drama that resonates with viewers through the commonality their characters share with us. At Comic-Con, stars Colin Cunningham (Pope), Jessy Schram (Karen) and Moon Bloodgood (Dr. Glass) sat down for a round table interview. the cast members pointed out that you don’t need to have big boobs and look fabulous to kill aliens, talked about the confidence from the network to greenlight a third season and what they hope to see for their characters in the future.

For more insight into the success of Falling Skies and the actors interpersonal antics, continue reading after the jump.

falling-skies-moon-bloodgoodQuestion: What does it feel like to have so much confidence from the network that you’ve already been renewed for a third season?

Moon Bloodgood: I love it.  I mean, you do so many shows that don’t get picked up or get canceled.  It feels good when you get validated like that.  Also, we all start to kind of relax in a way, feel a lot more confident, have more security in what we do.  You can tell we’re all happier in what we’re doing, we’re a little bit more relaxed, we feel like people are responding to the work that we’re doing and it’s just reassuring.  It’s a good feeling.  I really enjoy it.

Colin Cunningham: Absolutely positively.  I was just saying that as actors I think we’re all grateful to work and, to be perfectly honest, to work on anything, but the great thing about Falling Skies is that it is a wonderful show so you’re not just happy to be working and doing what you love to do but you’re happy to be working on a show that’s got some credibility to it and it’s actually a good show.  It’s awesome.  It’s rare to get a job on any show, let alone of this caliber with DreamWorks, TNT and Steven Spielberg.  So, it’s an absolute blessing.

Jessy Schram: Well, you get a third season and you can kind of relax into it a little bit more.  Because you know the second season is even better than the first because now you can explore, you have a little bit more liberty, more story, so that when the third season comes around you can actually say be in it as opposed to “I’m trying to make it!”

falling-skies-colin-cunninghamWhat are your hopes for your characters as the seasons progress?

Bloodgood: I would love to do more scenes with other characters.  You start out on a show and you kind of get paired up with other people.  You know, it’s such a big ensemble cast they can’t cover everyone.  But now as we go into season three it would be so great if, like, Karen and I got more stuff or Pope and I got more stuff and you can see how they relate differently because I think it puts a little more color into the show.

Cunningham: Seriously, Dr. Glass and Pope.  That would be an insane scene.

Bloodgood: Pope and Glass are really a different spectrum.

Cunningham: Well, I just see the end of the conversation, whatever that scene would be, that Tom Mason would show up and it would be like, well, that’s the last guy that he wants you around.  Not in any romantic way, ya know.

Schram: Well, they’re both leaders, in different ways.

Cunningham: I would echo that.  I think I’ve had very few scenes with with like Will Patton and I’d like to see more of that, or just with everybody.  Everyone and everything.

falling-skies-jessy-schramSchram: And for Karen to come back. [laughs]

Bloodgood: She comes back and it’s always like this massive comeback.

Schram: They like to sprinkle Karen like, “Hey what’s going on here?  It’s Karen…”

Cunningham: And when you do show up, you’re not just showing up, you’re like a star!

Bloodgood: She has like these massive amounts of dialogue.  Like huge political monologues she has to say.

Schram: So, to bring in Karen more, again…

Bloodgood: Karen just wants to have a hot dog.

So many other shows just haven’t clicked with audiences.  V, for example.  What is it about Falling Skies that you think grabs the viewers?

Cunningham: For me, I think it’s that the aliens don’t like they just came from Baywatch.  They don’t have big giant boobs, or just a tiny thing on their head.  The aliens are ugly, they’re very real and there’s a real threat to them.

Schram: It’s a dirty show.  We have dirt under our fingernails that never comes off and it has a gritty feel to it.

Cunningham: Yeah, it’s not all about looking beautiful and gorgeous and “Let’s kill the aliens now, bang, bang, bang!”  There’s a dirtiness and a grit to it that the audience appreciates and hopefully will continue to appreciate.