‘Moonwalkers’ Red-Band Trailer Reveals Ron Perlman Looking for Stanley Kubrick

     November 11, 2015


There are certain tall tales that just don’t budge in pop culture, and one of the chief ones is the frankly laughable idea that the Apollo 11 moon landings were, in actuality, a complete production, backed by the government and helmed by Stanley Kubrick, of all people. The idea was more-or-less fictionalized in the 1970s thriller Capricorn One, and played a distinctly memorable part in the recent documentary Room 237, in which a Kubrick fan suggested that The Shining had a hidden message from Kubrick about his involvement in said production. The master, of course, never took such accusations seriously, for more than obvious reasons.


Image via Alchemy

And now, this theory is being used as the basis of a fittingly absurdist action-comedy, Moonwalkers, which features Ron Perlman, of Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy, as Kidman, a government agent who is contracted to find Kubrick and offer him a briefcase full of money to fake the moon landings. The reason given is pride, as America most definitely doesn’t want to be coming in second to the Russians amidst the conflicts of the Cold War, and in their haste, Perlman’s agent hires a Kubrick lookalike, Leon (Robert Sheehan), represented by Rupert Grint‘s Jonny, a doped-up con man who pretends to be Kubrick’s manager. It sounds like a hoot, and after seeing the trailer, it also looks like quite a raucous bit of fun, in the same vein as Guy Ritchie‘s early work.

Check out the trailer for Moonwalkers below:

On top of the release of the first full trailer for Moonwalkers, which is directed by first-time filmmaker Antoine Bardou-Jacquet and penned by Death at a Funeral screenwriter Dean Craig, Alchemy, who will release the picture stateside, has also released a teaser poster for the funky film. Like the trailer, it highlights a certain zaniness that will serve as a welcome respite from all the self-serious nonsense that will be seeing release over the next two months. The movie will be released on January 15th, 2016.

Here’s the teaser poster for Moonwalkers:


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