More Details Escape TRANSFORMERS 2 Set

     June 6, 2008

Written by Cal Kemp

Those good fellows over at /film have a whole bevy of “Transformers 2” news, rumors and pictures. The stuff sounds pretty solid, but Michael Bay has warned that the internet will be flooded with false leads and half-truths. Still, a lot of this comes from things seen physically on-set and odds are, it’s dead-on.

Among the scoops: A pair of Autobots called the Twins that merge together when they transform into an ice cream truck, a pink ninja motorcycle Arcee and a go-cart called Wheels. We’ll also see Jetfire as a black stealth plane who Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox liberate from the Air and Space Museum with something called the “splinter” (probably not a giant turtle-training rat).

They also know that the film opens at a steel factory in Shanghai (but shot in Pennsylvania) with some kind of elaborate chase sequence involving the US military and an villainous Audi RS8. I always knew Audis couldn’t be trusted.

Click here to check out /film’s full-story with more details and a whole bunch of photos.

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