Morten Tyldum to Direct THE IMITATION GAME

     December 4, 2012


Scandinavian director Morten Tyldum (Headhunters) is set to helm The Imitation Game, the 2011 Black List topper that is based on the life of British mathematician Alan Turing. Graham Moore’s script centers on Turing, a brilliant cryptanalyst whose expertise cracked Germany’s “Enigma code” and helped turn the tide of World War II for the Allies. Leonardo DiCaprio was previously attached to star in the picture with J Blakeson to direct, but neither party is still involved. Hit the jump for more on The Imitation Game.

morten-tyldum-imitation-gameDeadline reports that Tyldum will helm The Imitation Game for Black Bear Pictures and Ampersand Pictures. Black Bear is expected to finance the picture and will seek distribution after the fact.

Far from being hailed as a hero, Turing was prosecuted by the British government for the crime of being a homosexual. Choosing chemical castration over prison, Turing gave into depression and committed suicide by ingesting a cyanide-laced apple. (Legend holds this apple in Turing’s story as being part of the inspiration behind the name of Steve Jobs’ computer company.)

When the rights to The Imitation Game originally reverted back to Moore when Warner Bros. dropped out, the screenwriter also picked up the task of adapting The Devil in the White City for the studio. DiCaprio is attached to star in this one as Dr. H. H. Holmes, an infamous serial killer who lured victims into his elaborately constructed “murder castle” and is suspected of killing up to 200 people during Chicago’s Worlds Fair in 1893. The good doctor included a gas chamber, crematorium and dissection lab in his World’s Fair Hotel, and would sell his victims’ bodies for scientific study.

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