Our 35 Most Anticipated Films of the Fall Movie Season

     August 30, 2019

Film festivals are getting underway, kids are going back to school, and pumpkin spice lattes have made their triumphant return to Starbucks, which means one thing: fall movie season is upon us. While blockbusters and superhero movies are now a 12-month-a-year affair, the fall movie season also brings with it the promise of character-driven dramas and movies from some of the most acclaimed filmmakers working today, as Oscar season usually coincides with the four-month period at the end of the calendar year and studios put on their Sunday Best.

As fall movie season approaches, and with a variety of films upon us, we here at Collider have taken the opportunity to put together a list of the movies we’re most looking forward to seeing. Since fall technically begins at the end of September, we’ve narrowed the eligibility window down to October through December of 2019, but as you’ll see below there’s really something for everyone heading to multiplexes (and streaming services) this fall movie season.

Behold, Collider’s 35 most anticipated fall movies.

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