Watch Our Countdown of the 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

     December 26, 2015


If you’re like me, you’re still rushing to play catch-up with all the big movies that dropped in 2015. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Hateful Eight finally seeing release, the biggest of the end-of-year titles are currently out, but then there’s David O. Russell’s latest, Joy, and a long line of major works like The Big Short, Anamolisa, and The Revenant. And this is just assuming you’ve been watching all the big titles up until the holiday season, and have made time for Creed and By the Sea.

And yet, the movie business never ends, and eyes are already darting directly at 2016, which bolsters a sizable release slate of hugely anticipated releases. This begins with the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar!, the duo’s long-awaited take on the heyday of the Hollywood studio system, with Josh Brolin as a studio head attempting to locate his kidnapped star, played by Coen favorite George Clooney. This, along with Richard Linklater’s “spiritual sequel” to Dazed and Confused, Everybody Wants Some, and Martin Scorsese’s near-mythical Silence, suggest that the auteur theory still holds strong and that these filmmakers, who would all rank amongst the very best that America has ever produced, can get butts in seats by their name being on the director’s chair alone.

Still, the big titles for next year are new installments in sturdy franchises, from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and X-Men: Apocalypse to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Bourne 5. John Campea, Steve Weintraub, and Ashley Mova got together before the holidays to count down their most anticipated films for 2016, which also include a new tale from the world of Harry Potter and the latest fantastical drama from the undervalued Jeff Nichols. Watch below to see what else made our countdown, and start getting ready for another year of popcorn, soda, and live-saving air conditioning.

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