Indie Spotlight: Mountain Dew and Green Label Studios’ “Mountain Dew Open Call” – Win $250K and Work with Director Robert Rodriguez

     March 15, 2014


Normally on our Indie Spotlight feature, we bring you the latest and greatest from truly independent filmmakers, game designers, and other creatives.  Today, we’re changing it up to tell you about a new opportunity for content creators to win $250k and work with director Robert Rodriguez on a short film.  This isn’t Kickstarter or crowd-funding, it’s just a good old-fashioned program run by Mountain Dew and Green Label Studios that looks to foster up-and-coming talent.  $250k.  Robert Rodriguez.  Your filmmaking dreams come true.  Sound enticing?  Hit the jump to find out more.

Watch the following video for everything you need to know about submitting to Mountain Dew and Green Label Studios’ open call.  Then, read up on the details to cement it in your under-caffeinated brain that, yes, this is for real.  Filmmakers can submit content through this Green Label Studios link.  Best of luck!

Mtn Dew is teaming up with legendary cult filmmaker Robert Rodriguez to launch Green Label Studios Open Call, which will award one lucky content creator with the gig of the lifetime.

From now until April 25th, anyone with the skill to create content across all genres can submit their best stuff directly to us. All we ask is one thing: show us how you “Do the DEW.” All applicants are required to showcase their world from a unique perspective that tells us what they’re passionate about and how they celebrate those passions.

All video entries will be judged by our editorial team, with 10 lucky finalists each receiving a $10,000 production grant to create a special piece of content for DEW. Finalists will then present their work to our yet-to-be-announced Green Label Studios panel at an exclusive DEW event this summer in New York City. The winning filmmaker will then receive the grand prize of a $250,000 production grant to create content for and the chance to be mentored by Robert Rodriguez and Orci.

Peep the video above for everything you need to know, and then get cracking on showing us your skills behind the camera.

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