Here Are All the Movie Anniversaries That Will Make You Feel Old in 2018

     February 16, 2018


Not every great movie may hit big when it’s first released in theaters, but if the quality is there, the audience will usually find it at some point or another. Which is what makes celebrating movie anniversaries a fun part of being a cinephile. It gives us an excuse to revisit a film from the past—either from the last few years or long, long ago—and as a result sometimes spurs a reevaluation. Sometimes you find the film works better for you after you’ve grown up a bit, while others don’t quite connect the same way they did when you first saw them.

So in the spirit of sharing in the celebration of film, we’ve put together one giant, handy list of all the 2018 movie anniversaries. Below you’ll see which notable films are celebrating their 10 or 20-year anniversary this year, and which movies are turning 40, 50, or 60 years old. There are recent classics like WALL-E or Lost in Translation that are hitting milestones this year, while older films like 2001: A Space Odyssey or Bringing Up Baby are passing yet another mile-marker that proves they’ve stood the test of time. It’s a great reminder that film is forever, and the skill, effort, and care that goes into crafting a truly great movie can linger for decades on end.

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