Movie Talk: ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Trailer; ‘Spider-Man’ Loses Michael Keaton

     April 22, 2016

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (April 22nd, 2016) Dennis Tzeng, Mark Ellis, and Clarke Wolfe discuss the following:

  • Emilia Clarke says she will not play Sarah Connor again in Terminator franchise
  • Hasbro creates shared universe writers room
  • Box Office Predictions
  • Mail Bag


Image via 20th Century Fox

Well today is April 22nd, Earth Day, and to celebrate 20th Century Fox has released the newest trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence. What better way to celebrate this beautiful, blue planet of ours than watching a bunch of angry aliens take out our national landmarks? Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Vivica A. Fox, and Brent Spiner return from the original, while Liam Hemsworth, Maika Monroe, Sela Ward and Jessie Usher lead a new generation of Earthlings who fight. Independence Day: Resurgence hits theatres this June 24th.

Just as it was announced that Robert Downey Jr. would be joining Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Deadline dropped the news that Michael Keaton would no longer be a part of the movie. The actor was announced last week as in discussions to play the villain in the movie, with many reports speculating that it would be as Vulture, one of Spider-Man’s archenemies. The report gave no reason as to why Keaton left the role adding that the two studios are back to the drawing board searching for another actor to take on the villain role. Spider-Man: Homecoming will be directed by Jon Watts and is scheduled for theaters on July 7, 2017.

Fans hoping to see Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke reprise the role of Sarah Connor moving forward after last year’s Terminator: Genisys, prepare to be disappointed. In a short interview with, Clarke was asked about reprising her role in future Terminator movies and her answer was short and to the point… “No. Uh, uh.” Her comments now add another question mark for the future of the Terminator series after Genisys flopped at the domestic box office last year earning only $89 million and $440 million worldwide, despite being intended as a soft reboot of the franchise. In January, Paramount took the proposed sequel to Genisys off the release schedule entirely.



Image via Warner Bros.

A third movie in the Sherlock Holmes series from director Guy Ritchie has been in development a long time, with the three main players made up of Ritchie, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law all saying they would return once they come up with a story worth telling. During an interview with the Shortlist, Robert Downey Jr. revealed that movement is happening on Sherlock Holmes 3 at this very moment, saying they are talking about it now and they will attempt to make the movie this year.

It appears that Warner Bros. is a little worried about the box office success of Disney’s Jungle Book so they’ve turned to one of their Oscar winning directors to come in for some help. THR is reporting that Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron has now joined The Jungle Book as a “consultant,” with the article explaining that it’s “a Hollywood term that encompasses a lot of vague tasks from assisting in directing to even post-production work.” Director Andy Serkis has already completed principal photography on the motion-capture film last year, that stars the voices of Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Benedict Cumberbatch, with Serkis himself playing Baloo. As Disney’s Jungle Book continues to reign over the box office supreme, this report seems to suggest that Warner Bros is looking to complete their version as soon as possible.


Image via FilmNation Entertainment

The Weinstein Company has released the first The Founder trailer starring Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, the savvy businessman who stole the idea for McDonald’s and made his fortune on it. Directed by The Blind Side and Saving Mr. Banks helmer John Lee Hancock, the film stars Michael Keaton as Ray along with Nick Offerman, Linda Cardellini, Laura Dern, BJ Novak, and John Caroll Lynch and opens in theaters on August 5th.

Last year, Paramount created a writer’s room to create a shared universe of Transformers movies, led by Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman. Now, the studio is creating the same process for a different franchise: the Hasbro Cinematic Universe. According to a report from THR, the new group of writers will create a series of interconnected films based on properties such as a rebooted G.I. Joe movie, Micronauts, Visionaries, and M.A.S.K.. The writers leading the charge include Spider-Man 2 writer Michael Chabon, Y: The Last Man creator Brian K. Vaughan, Captain Marvel screenwriter Nicole Perlman, showrunner for Marvel’s Luke Cage, Cheo Coker and writers of the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein.


Now it’s time for Box Office Predictions brought to you by our friends at AMC Theatres. This is the part of the show where we make our predictions on what movies are opening this weekend and in what order they will top the weekend’s box office.


Kaneiah Williams writes: 

Hey, CMT. That trailer for Bourne was bourne-tastic and glad Matt and Paul are back. So I take it no one REALLY liked the last Bourne film with Jeremy Renner. I’m probably the only one that enjoyed it for what it is, however, I really did like Aaron Cross and Renner’s performance. Did you agree as well?  If they decide to do another Bourne film, whether it’s the last of the franchise or not, with Matt and Paul still attached, would you be fine with Renner reprising his role and maybe teaming up with Jason?

Tashreeq Hugo writes

Hey Collider Crew. Huge fan of the show. Sending you guys love all the way from South Africa! My question has to do with ‘controversial’ films. Two part question. 1) What are some of your favorite controversial films? 2) Why do you think studios take a huge gamble making these films?  Some of my favorite controversial films are The Da Vinci Code, JFK, Green Zone, Monty Python’s Life of Brian & Antichrist (All underrated in my opinion). These films caused huge up roar upon release. Thanks & keep up the good work



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