Movie Ticket Prices Near Breaking Point?

     August 26, 2010


Anyone who’s been to a movie theater in the past year has, at one time or another, undoubtedly thought “When did tickets get to be so expensive?” While ticket prices have risen steadily over the years, audience attendance has failed to react. However, The Wrap thinks that we may be close to a breaking point. They point to diminishing opening weekend box office returns for 3D films as evidence that audiences have already grown tired of paying up for the 3D experience. And with ticket prices in some markets clearing $19, they speculate that $20 will be the price point at which moviegoers finally rebel en masse. I’d personally throw a brick through the window if the local megaplex started asking $20 a pop for tickets, but what do you think? What price would finally keep you out of the theater? Or are you already feeling the pinch? Sound off in the comments.


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