MoviePass Is Un-Cancelling Subscriptions, as Users Unknowingly Opt Back In

     August 14, 2018


Another day, another twist in the saga that has become MoviePass’ existence. Recently the subscription service announced major changes, including blacking out new releases and raising prices. However, after a fair amount of backlash, the company switched things up again and said that prices would remain as they are ($9.95/mo) but that would only include three movies, which they have supposedly found is the average for the typical MoviePass user.

After all of this hullaballoo, some MoviePass holders decided to cancel their accounts, and as part of the service’s terms and conditions, you are then allowed to finish out your current month that has already been paid for. What was not as clear was that if you used your app post-cancellation (but still within your paid-for month), there was a new screen that asked whether or not you agree to the updated terms. You could X out or click “I Agree,” and thanks to a very good explainer from Vox (you can see the screengrabs there), we now know that clicking “I Agree” means that you have opted back in to having a subscription, and will be charged during your next billing cycle.


Image via Paramount Pictures

As Vox says in their piece, that “opt-in” language is present in an email users received (that if you opt-in after cancelling, the opt-in will be honored over the cancellation), but not when it comes specifically to the “I Agree” button. Do you have to agree just to use the pass for the remainder of the month, or are you agreeing to resubscribe? The latter is what MoviePass intended, and yet, the former what be what many people are wrongly assuming.

More than that, it seems that some users are then getting an error message when they try and cancel again. All of this just adds to the mess that MoviePass has already created for itself, which isn’t helped by the fact that they are evidently still looking to turn a profit. So, if you thought you had cancelled MoviePass, you might want to check it out again just to be sure. And if you did cancel but haven’t opened the app again since then, you might want to think twice before doing so.


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