New Movies Anywhere App Attempts to Combine All Your Digital Collections

     October 12, 2017


Although I’m a fierce advocate for physical media (a fruitless attempt to find a digital copy of Air Force One this past July cemented that for me), I do like the convenience of digital copies. It’s nice to buy a Blu-ray and then add the digital version to my Vudu account so that I can have it on my iPad for a plane ride or something. However, I also have movies I put into my iTunes in the past as well as films I got through Amazon Video. It would be nice to have them all under one roof.

That’s where Movies Anywhere is trying to come in. The service is attempting to put all of your movies from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Vudu under one roof, and five of the six major studios—Disney, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Sony, and Universal—have signed on. The Movies Anywhere app is currently available on “Amazon Fire devices; Android devices and Android TV; Apple TV; Chromecast; iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; Roku® devices and popular browsers, with more platforms and retailers to come.”

I tried setting up a Movies Anywhere account this morning, and they’re still working out the bugs. I had no problem importing my iTunes and Amazon accounts, but it wouldn’t connect with Vudu (where I have the bulk of my digital collection) and the servers weren’t allowing me to connect my Disney Movies Anywhere account. Hopefully these kinks get worked out in the weeks ahead.


Image via Movies Anywhere

While you should stick to buying physical media (you never know when a server will go down or your Internet will go out), Movies Anywhere is a solid concept, especially since they’ve got five of the six majors on board (not sure why Paramount chose not to sign on). Plus, if you join now and link two accounts, you can get five free movies—Big Hero 6, Ghostbusters (2016), Jason Bourne, Ice Age, and The LEGO Movie. Not too shabby.

Here’s the boilerplate on Movies Anywhere:

Movies Anywhere simplifies and enhances the digital movie collection and viewing experience by allowing consumers to access their favorite digital movies in one place when purchased or redeemed through participating digital retailers. Movies Anywhere brings together the movies from Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Film, The Walt Disney Studios (including Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm), Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Participating digital retailers at launch are Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes and Vudu. Movies Anywhere offers a library of over 7,300 digital movies at launch, including new releases, and will continue to expand the consumer experience as more content providers, digital retailers and platforms are added. Using the free Movies Anywhere app and website, consumers can connect their Movies Anywhere account with participating digital retailers and enjoy their favorite digital movies from the comfort of their living room and across multiple devices and platforms, including Amazon Fire devices; Android devices and Android TV; Apple TV; Chromecast; iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; Roku® devices and popular browsers. Consumers can also redeem digital copy codes found in eligible Blu-ray and DVD disc packages from participating studios and enjoy them through Movies Anywhere.

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