10 Female-Directed Films to Keep On Your Radar in 2019

     March 15, 2019


2018 saw a significantly low number of female-directed films in comparison to 2017. According to Celluloid Ceiling’s annual study, only 8% of the top 250 films from 2018 were directed by women, a 3% drop from the previous year. But, there’s a bright and beaming light at the end of this tunnel. 2019 is already on track to have a greater number of films in theaters with women working behind the camera. Film festivals have shown the greatest progression in inclusion, with women representing 42% of the competition directors at Sundance and 50% of films from Tribeca Film Festival’s line-up are either female-directed of co-directed by women. Not only that, but this year has already had a massively successful blockbuster co-directed by a woman. Anna Boden helped bring Carol Danvers’ powerhouse origin story to the big screen which garnered a whopping $153 million dollars in its opening weekend–making it the seventh biggest opening for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the second biggest debut of a new Marvel character on-screen. Higher, further, faster indeed!

Change is slow, but it’s happening. Three months into 2019 and we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s to come this year. From monumental action-packed blockbusters to critically acclaimed independent films that are already sweeping festival-goers off their feet, here are 10 female-directed films that are worth keeping on your radar as we cruise through the remainder of this year.

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