‘Mozart in the Jungle’ Season 3 Trailer Is a Reminder to Watch Amazon’s Excellent Musician Comedy

     November 7, 2016


I’m the first to admit that not every TV show is for every person, and Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle is one that may only appeal to a niche. But oh, what a lucky niche we are. The weird and wonderful series, now entering its third season, is a quick binge watch about a fictional New York orchestra. The series explores not only the lives the musicians — both establishment characters and newcomers — but also dueling maestros, and the very business of being in the fine arts; that is to say, the tenuous financing of it all, both for the musicians themselves and for the institution of the orchestra.

In its second season, the series (which also secured a somewhat out of the blue Golden Globe award last year) really opened up and played with its format, producing a set of episodes that felt like a French New Wave movie rather than a TV show. It also produced the exceptional episode “Touché, Maestro, Touché!” which was visually and thematically rich — something you don’t usually get from a comedy series.

And Mozart in the Jungle is very funny, even if the jokes may not make sense if you’re watching this trailer without context. Still, you can get a sense of its madcap tone and light-hearted exploration of modern life through classic music. Check it out below:

But first let’s address the elephant in the room: what has Hailey (Lola Kirke) done to her hair?? There’s a lot of hair-related action in the trailer, and a lot of Gael Garcia Bernal, which isn’t surprising given his Golden Globe win. He’s fantastic in the series as the tortured maestro Rodrigo. But Mozart in the Jungle is really Hailey’s story, and we don’t get much of a sense of her here other than her new aspirations to conduct. There’s also a woeful lack of Saffron Burrows, although the few scenes of Bernadette Peters that we get almost makes up for it.

Mozart in the Jungle Season 3 drops in its entirety on December 9th. Here’s the official synopsis of the season below:

Season 3 of the Emmy and Golden Globe winning Mozart in the Jungle is about reinvention, as the orchestral family must find themselves as individuals before they can reunite renewed and stronger. With the symphony under lockout, Gael heads to Venice to find inspiration working with an operatic diva. Meanwhile Hailey unsuccessfully tours Europe and begins to question her career as an oboist.

Mozart in the Jungle

Image via Amazon