MSN FilmFan Video: CARS 2 and BAD TEACHER

     June 24, 2011


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Which brings us to our deal with MSN for their new MSN FilmFan Video Series. To help raise awareness for the show, we’ve made a deal to promote the series for the next five weeks. Every Thursday or Friday there will be a new video that features the FilmFan host giving a rundown of what movies are opening. He chooses two, and pits them against each other, stating his case for why one is the better choice over the other.  The video is actually fairly honest, with the host citing news sources and Rotten Tomatoes scores to help justify his decision.  Hit the jump for the video, which pits this weekend’s new releases Cars 2 and Bad Teacher head-to-head.

The whole Twitter portion of the program seems to be reaching a bit, and a couple parts are rather cheesy, but ultimately his assessment of this week’s Cars 2 vs. Bad Teacher is fairly agreeable. Although from what we’ve seen from Cars 2, the visuals look to be leagues better than the first Cars.

Here’s the video.


*This is a sponsored content article that is a part of the MSN FilmFan blogger program.


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