MTV’s TEEN WOLF TV Series Inches Closer to Reality

     August 31, 2009

Teen Wolf image MTV.jpg

Perhaps realizing that a steady diet of vapid teen reality shows is bound to make any TV network bulimic in time, MTV announced that they would begin dabbling in scripted series earlier this year.  First up?  A reboot of the 1985 classic “Teen Wolf” starring Michael J. Fox.  As announced, the MTV series would give the film a “contemporary” spin incorporating horror elements, werewolf mythology and a sweeping love story… so basically “Twilight” without the good hair.  After checking out the pilot script the network today revealed that they have given “Teen Wolf” an initial pilot presentation order.  Details after the jump.

Teen Wolf movie poster.jpgA few days before MTV announced its pilot plans, we reported an internet rumor that put the inevitable “Teen Wolf” reboot on the big screen.  But as this idea was so completely lacking in originality it was met by a giant “who cares?” by most right-thinking movie fans.

The true story that “Teen Wolf” would be remade for television, however, was news that I could get behind.  Think back to the days when a TV version of that silly “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” movie seemed like the ultimate bad move.  It turned out that some horror elements, a bit of vampire mythology and a sweeping love story were just the ingredients needed to make a not-so good movie into a great TV series.

Of course the “Buffy” revamp had the incomparable talents of Joss Whedon to guide it.  MTV’s “Teen Wolf” isn’t quite as lucky.  The pilot was written by Jeff Davies, the man who created “Criminal Minds”… you know, before that show got so bad that Mandy Patinkin walked.

MTV must have liked what Davies came up with, however.  Based on his initial script the network has given the go-ahead to cast a pilot episode of the series – which means that actors with “Michael J. Fox Type” on their resumes are about to get really excited.


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