PROMETHEUS Co-Writer Jon Spaihts to Reboot THE MUMMY Franchise

     April 4, 2012


Because The Mummy franchise has shriveled up and died, Universal has decided to bring it back from the dead again.  Variety reports that Prometheus co-writer Jon Spaihts has been tapped to pen the screenplay for a reboot.  Says Spaihts, “I see it as the sort of opportunity I had with Prometheus: to go back to a franchise’s roots in dark, scary source material, and simultaneously open it up to an epic scale we haven’t seen before.”  I can only hope Spaihts is referring not to the Brendan Fraser movies, but the 1932 Boris Karloff picture.  I’m not sure how Spaihts plans to incorporate an “epic scale” to The Mummy, but it sounds like he’s trying to find a new angle on the franchise rather than simply do another goofy adventure tale like the previous Mummy movies.

Spaihts is also writing an untitled space adventure for producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the sci-fi script Passengers starring Keanu Reeves, and an adaptation of the graphic novel World War Robot (no connection to the upcoming zombie film, World War Z).  He previously wrote the script for The Darkest Hour.

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