Naomi Watts and Robin Wright to Star in THE GRANDMOTHERS

     December 4, 2011


Naomi Watts and Robin Wright will star in The Grandmothers for director Anne Fontaine (Coco Avant Chanel).  According to THR, The Grandmothers is “the erotic tale of misguided love”—and stop right there.  I think this is a picture for everyone who sees movies when they only know the title (yes, these people exist; you probably know at least one or two of them).  Continue, THR: “—a tale of misguided love and a celebration of the enduring nature of female friendship.”  Aww.  That’s actually kind of sweet.  So what’s the actual plot?  “The Grandmothers tells the story of two lifelong friends who fall in love with each other’s teenage sons.”

Holy crap.  Anne Fontaine is unintentionally turning The Lonely Island’s “Motherlover” into a movie.  Hit the jump for more.

I’m just going to pretend this flick is based on “Motherlover” even though The Grandmothers is actually based on Doris Lessing’s novel and has been adapted for the screen by Christopher Hampton (Atonement).  Xavier Samuel (Anonymous) and James Frecheville (Animal Kingdom) will co-star.  Watts recently signed on to co-star with Matt Dillon in the indie flick Sunlight Jr., and Wright will be seen later this month in David Fincher‘s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about with “Motherlover”, here’s the music video (NSFW unless your workplace is cool with swearing):


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