‘Narcos’ Season 4 Teaser Announces New Stars Michael Peña and Diego Luna

     December 19, 2017


The third season finale for Narcos seemed suggest that Pena (Pedro Pascal) was retiring, after becoming too overwhelmed with the cartel work he’s been doing as that work shifts to Mexico. Narcos showrunner Eric Newman told THR a few months ago that, “‘What’s tragic about it is that you’re losing truly one of the good guys,’ Newman explains of Pascal’s tenacious Pena, in his own way becoming a victim to the drug war. His hopeless discovery that ‘even the good guys don’t have a code’ makes it ‘almost impossible’ for the dogged DEA agent — now credited for bringing down Escobar and dismantling Cali — to continue on in his post.”

With that in mind, the show is having a bit of a reset moving into Season 4, which will indeed shift to Mexico. “Newman explains that the future in Narcos‘ world will also require an introspective look at where the demand is coming from: The U.S., he points out, is the ‘greatest market for cocaine in the world.’ With the war being brought closer to home, Newman is eyeing another reset to tell the season four chapter of Narcos, potentially with an entirely new cast.”

And as we’re learning today, that is indeed true. A new teaser from Netflix reveals the Rogue One‘s Diego Luna and Ant-Man‘s Michael Peña will be starring in the upcoming season, which is set to debut in 2018. Check out the teaser below:

As for the new location, Newman added that:

Amado Carrillo Fuentes, aka the Lord of the Skies. If and when we go to Mexico — and obviously the end of the season and the final scene suggest that trafficking is much closer to home than we thought. That’s the great irony, that you go down to Colombia to try to confront head-on the threat of cocaine trafficking, and you end up actually bringing it closer to home. The battle you thought you were fighting over there has now, largely as a result of your efforts, moved closer to our shores.


Past a certain point, and I think we’ve just reached that point in our show, Mexico became the kings of the cocaine game. You realize that you shut down the Miami-Caribbean corridor where they were bringing all their cocaine in for years, and that cocaine is going to find another way in. Why not this country of 130 million people with a 2,000-mile border they share with us? That seems to make the most sense, and that’s exactly what happened. There is definitely a natural passing of the torch to Mexico, who at the time were already very successful as heroine and marijuana smugglers. It makes perfect sense that you would employ what they call the Mexican Trampoline to bounce cocaine into the States.

Narcos, currently being filmed in Mexico City, returns in 2018 on Netflix.