‘Narcos’: New Trailer Teases the Hunt for Pablo Escobar in Netflix Series

     August 18, 2015


Hollywood has not done a great job at conveying the character of famed drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, unless you have a particular liking for the short glimpses we got of Vinny Chase playing the cartel head in Entourage. To be fair, the great Benicio Del Toro does a bracingly convincing and forceful job of bringing the unrepentant killer to life in the upcoming Escobar: Paradise Lost, which got pushed back numerous times to ensure Del Toro would have a clear shot at an Oscar nomination, which admittedly would be fitting in this case. But whereas that film is saddled with a completely ineffective love story, anchored by Hunger Games lead Josh Hutcherson, the upcoming Netflix series Narcos looks to head straight into the hunt for Escobar by the DEA, and the newest trailer for the series certainly makes the action and arc of the series look and sound thrilling.

Boyd Holbrook leads the cast as Steven Murphy, the head DEA agent looking to take down the infamous Medellin Cartel, which was run by Escobar, played by Wagner Moura of Jose Padilha‘s intermittently striking Elite Squad films. Padilha directs the pilot of Narcos and the series looks to volley back and forth between Escobar’s rise, which he manicures to make himself akin to criminal lords like Al Capone, and Murphy’s treacherous hunt for him. Murphy works alongside his partner Javier, played by Pedro Pascal, who you may remember as Oberyn “Ow, My Head!” Martel in Game of Thrones. After some questionable turns as of late (the production and renewal of the overtly manipulative Sense8), Narcos looks to be one of the streaming services newest hits, striking a action-drama balance that suggests the visceral style of Steven Spielberg‘s Munich retooled for a narrative worthy of David Simon or even Michael Mann.

Here’s the new trailer for Narcos:

 Narcos premieres on Netflix in full on August 28th.



Image via Netflix


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