Natalie Martinez Video Interview DETROIT 187

     January 5, 2011

As most of you have probably noticed, over the past week, we’ve posted a number of interviews with the cast of ABC’s hit police procedural drama Detroit 187 as I got to visit the set last month.  What I like about the show is the humor that helps distance it from others in the same field, and the veteran cast and smart writing push it even further. Anyway, for today’s interview I’ve got Natalie Martinez, who plays Det. Ariana Sanchez. Hit the jump for the full video interview, including links to the previous ones from the past week:

Det. Sanchez is a smart and quick detective who isn’t afraid to get physical if the job demands it. She doesn’t back down and is head strong, and coupled with her attractiveness she suddenly finds herself in a bit of a love triangle in the show. Trying to balances her personal life and career is a struggle at times, as the dramatic impact of the job creates close bonds.

Natalie Martinez

  • I ask about her fashion model background with JLo and if she used any outfits for the show.
  • 00:24- Asked if she enjoyed the physicality of her character.
  • 00:35- I ask if she did a lot of prep for the physicality.
  • 00:55- Asked about the preparation for the role itself; ride-a-longs, etc.
  • 01:22- I ask how it was to be on set with the veteran cast.
  • 01:39- Because of the use of humor throughout the show, I asked how the mood on set was.
  • 02:11- Ask what she thinks separates the show from other police procedural dramas.
  • 02:39- I ask how she is taking to the climate in Detroit, being from Miami.
  • 03:18- Ask if she had seen snow before.
  • 03:30- Asked what she feels the reaction of Detroit has been to the show.
  • 04:00- I ask if she gets recognized in the streets by police officers or other locals.

Natalie’s character is more serious than a lot of her fellow detectives, but her demeanor off the show is quite personable. The love triangle leaves her character with a lot of room to grow, so as the series continues it will be interesting to see how that develops. As I mentioned earlier, you can look forward to more interviews in the coming days as the show returns from hiatus on Tuesday at 10 EST on ABC. In the meantime, you can check out my interviews with Erin Cummings, Jon Michael Hill, and D.J. Cotrona.