‘Nathan For You’ Season 4 Trailer Previews Plenty of Awkwardness to Come

     August 18, 2017


Comedy Central has dropped the first Nathan for You Season 4 trailer, and it is a lot. The comedy series starring Nathan Fielder finds Fielder seeking out real people and aiming to help make their businesses or ideas a success. But Fielder goes to ridiculous lengths to underline his jokes, which oftentimes leads to some incredibly uncomfortable on-camera moments.

That discomfort continues in Season 4, which is teased in this trailer in great detail. We’ll be seeing a fully “asexual computer repair service,” which promises a 100% asexual staff, as well as Fielder trying to sell homemade chili at a sporting event by hiding it under his coat, and what looks to be a pretty epic gag involving taxi drivers trying to stick it to Uber. But Season 4 will also bring back past guests, most strikingly the Bill Gates impersonator who was previously on the show. Fielder helps this man try and find his long lost love, and of course comedy and discomfort ensue.

Check out the Nathan For You Season 4 trailer below. The series returns on September 21st on Comedy Central at 10pm ET/PT with an hour-long special called “Nathan For You: A Celebration.” The season will then conclude with a two-hour finale on November 9th at 9pm ET/PT.


Image via Comedy Central