National Film Registry Adds ‘The Princess Bride’, ‘The Lion King’, and More

     December 14, 2016


Every year, the National Film Preservation Board adds films to the National Film Registry. These movies are selected because of their cultural, historic or aesthetic importance, and will be carefully preserved for all-time. In a way, it’s the ultimate “best of” list because while every critic comes out with an annual Top 10 list, when the NFPB chooses movies, they actually have to go the work of preserving those movies. For more on the National Film Registry, I highly encourage you to check out the documentary These Amazing Shadows.

Like with most years, 2016’s selections are a mix of popular movies as well as lesser-known shorts and silent pictures. The big titles to join this year’s registry include The Lion King, The Princess Bride, Thelma & Louise, The Birds, The Breakfast Club, Rushmore, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but I’m also glad to see Putney Swope and The Decline of Western Civilization also made the cut. However, we have now gone yet another year and still Die Hard remains off the list. If the NFPB can justify adding Funny Girl to the Registry, they can add Die Hard.

Check out the full list of additions below.

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