Natural Disasters: 8 Survival Tactics We Learned from the Movies

     June 25, 2016


Hollywood has a habit of destroying the world again and again, or at least a pretty significant chunk of it. A recent example, San Andreas, saw Dwayne Johnson as Ray Gaines, an LAFD Search and Rescue helicopter pilot who has to go all the way from Los Angeles to San Francisco in the middle of an unprecedented string of earthquakes to save his daughter (Alexandra Daddario).

The large majority of big budget natural disaster movies are absolutely ludicrous, but on the off chance a massive comet makes a beeline for Earth, a volcano pops up in the middle of a heavily populated city or the entire San Andreas Fault erupts, we know a thing or two about surviving the impossible thanks to some big screen heroics and blunders. Here are some vital survival tactics that could save your life in a natural disaster according to Hollywood.

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