See NBC’s 25-Minute Midseason Preview with Glimpses of THE CAPE, PERFECT COUPLES, PARKS & RECREATION, THE OFFICE and More

     December 2, 2010


Last month we got word on the midseason premieres for NBC’s new series like the superhero action series The Cape, the romantic comedy series Perfect Couples and the legal drama Harry’s Law. Now NBC has released a whopping 25-minute preview at all of their midseason offerings including a glimpse at some of the final episodes featuring Steve Carell on The Office and the anticipated third season of Parks & Recreation starring Amy Poehler. Honestly there’s no reason for me to talk about it because this lengthy preview video speaks for itself. Frankly, I’m just glad that some midseason series are giving people a much needed break from The Event, so maybe people can stop watching it altogether. Check out NBC’s midseason preview after the jump!